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judaism is racism is incompatible with democracy
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RobotWisdom auxiliary (RWx)
New NYRB (toc)
List of 'cognitive biases' (Wiki-arcane via Chtq)
Pynchon family sex scandal (NyPost-stupid via Fim)
IsraelLobby-debate briefly emerges from shadows (mWeiss) [cPnch]
US allies now ensnared in violations of GenevaConv (B&T)
"Having a biography in Wikipedia is a magnet for libel" (Wkbnch)
IsraelLobby showdown in NYC 2nite (mWeiss)
Plagiarism (incl Proust) in Dylan's autobiography (Ralph)
Robot rides bike in circles (yTube-60sec)
GPS hypersensitive to solar flares (PhysOrg via digg)
Neocon warcrimes started in 1997? (vshort via sGuer)
New polls confirm Iraqis want US GIs gone (aAard)
Fathers' smelling paint thinner may cause birth defects (Euk)
Winning 'Bully' requires earning cliques' respect (longish via digg)
Synaesthesiac complains ice cream tastes like seven (new Onion)
Scary 1My global-warming graph (Loom w/graph)
Where the billionaires are: Forbes 400 atop GgMaps (ajax via iGreed)
W's Iraq 'comma' traced to Gracie Allen, via Christians (E&P)
ObL (probably) not dead (aAard)
Stats on ultracapacitors to power cars (via /.)
Likky missing? (yTube-2min via GgG) [more]
Politicians are like bombs (B&T-subtle)
Protein avoids shredder by tying self in knots (Euk-arcane)
New views of Saturn (Sat2)
NIE: US mideast policies exacerbate terror (NyT via lf)
Unabridged Simpsons and Futuramas (Flash via lf)
Great R-rated LucienFreud slideshow (UkTel-ajax-18pg) [intvu]
German maglev tragedy ignored security policies (AP-aJ)
Stiglitz on ThisIsHell (zzzzz-over)
Equinox terminator vertical (1600*900 jpeg-arcane-live)
Great long Scorsese interview (tiLondon via Fem1st)
Strange sad 'dead madonna' story (BBC-short-no-pix)
Iran holds vulnerable USA hostage in Iraq (Znet-arcane)
Superb counterpoints to W's recent UN lies (Znet-Zunes)
7" singles stage comeback?! (Scots) {kb}
Topologists protest journal's price-gouging (Baez w/pdf)
Morning quickie: Feynman on the Tree of Life (RWx w/pix)
Overview of Chavez's radical policies (SfGate via dy)
in stubborn wonder / and neglect by a dry pot / in the winter-light (Poems)
Banksy for dummies (UkInd)
Vexpensive way to drag files onto neighbor's desktop (yTube-80sec via digg)
Spoiler-free LeCarre backgrounder on 1strate 'Mission Song' (UkTel-long-varcane)
SmokingGun exploits sex workers? (tHow)
Poignant Alzheimer's photo gallery (BBC-8pix)
Chinese fad for surgical leg-extensions (UkTel)
Activist parents want less-structured toy-play (Make w/links)
eKolbert rave for Arnie's globalwarming bill (NYer-shortish)
LarsVonTrier update (Cinem-short)
A dozen new previews of 3rd-gen-console games (jStiq-1pg-Flash)
Pakistan ought to be scarier than Iran (itTms)
$5B hedgefund loss blamed on virtual O-rings (iGreed-vshort-arcane)
Update on Google's tera-word corpus (GgResearch-arcane)
Locked horns consign stags to eternity (pic)
MacArthur geniuses atop GgMaps (ajax via iGreed)
Me stiII Ioves meIovescookies (flickr-arcane?)
WoW guild meets in 2ndLife for planning raids (3.D w/pix)
Pix-n-stats on Willie Nelson's stash (via Vh1)
Health insurance by 'boiler-room' (Krugman-shortish via Crsr)
Presidential doodles vs album-art (FMU-short w/links)
Entertaining highlevel brawl about expert-centric Wikipedia fork (Shirky via Brain)
BlondeOnBlonde outtakes (mp3s via Steve)
Rules for storing veggies, as pointless periodic table (jpegs via lf)

With hunger / In their cup of sticks (vDaily-arcane)
Energy-saving tips (cReports-1pg)
Evening quickie: Where is games' Alan Moore? (RWx-longish)
Nvidia developing physics-calcs card (RegUk)
Feminist philosophers analysed (PhysOrg-short)
Window closing fast for Xbox2 indie devs (jStiq)
Cheap Fostex/Tascam 4tracks still have fans (Gz-arcane)
UK lakes still haven't recovered from 1960s paint additive (SciDaily)
No-FaceOnMars update (pix via Euk)
New product-ratings aggregator (eg-mp3players via wLotta)
Newsletter profiles top-50+ investment wizards (1pg-loong-arcane via lf)
Blisspop for Libra (mp3s)

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