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Public register of the European Parliament

Documents classified as directly accessible may be retrieved from the register database and displayed on-screen. Other documents are accessible on request only, in which case the user must fill in a document request form. Access to documents covered by the exceptions provided for in Articles 4 and 9 of Regulation 1049/2001 may be restricted.

Legislative Observatory (OEIL): European Parliament data base

The Legislative Observatory contains references for procedures and documents of all the institutions involved in the interinstitutional legislative procedure and for those relating to the work of the European Parliament (committees and part-sessions). You may search in OEIL using any of the following criteria:

Period covered and contents:

OEIL is updated on a daily basis by the Directorate-General for the Presidency and the Directorates-General for Internal Policies and External Policies). It provides a summary in English and French of each of the events that go to make up a procedure.

Fact sheets on the European Union

The aim of these fact sheets is to offer non-specialists an overview, in as clear and concise a fashion as possible, of the process of European integration and the European Parliament's contribution to that process. They enable the reader to acquire a basic knowledge of the state of progress of every major aspect of European integration in a short space of time. Readers seeking more detailed information may consult specialist studies such as the research papers drawn up by Parliament's Directorate-General for Research (see also STOA - Scientific and Technological Options Assessment)