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Over 400 apps now available on the AppExchange
On-Demand Platform
On-Demand is in Demand

Historically, companies were required to buy, build, and maintain their own IT infrastructures despite exponential costs. On-demand computing gives companies an alternative. Now they can plug in and subscribe to services built on a world-class infrastructure and delivered via the Internet. is leading the on-demand revolution, enabling companies to:
The value companies experience with on-demand computing far exceeds what they can expect with traditional software.

What Is On-Demand Computing?
The On-Demand Architecture
A Complete Family of On-Demand Solutions delivers more than just a powerful, easy-to-use customer relationship management (CRM) product. We offer a complete solution that empowers every business to experience the benefits of on-demand throughout its entire organization:
A comprehensive on-demand sales and marketing application
A flexible on-demand customer service and support application
A built-in, point-and-click customization tool
A trusted on-demand integration platform
A powerful on-demand operating system
The world's first on-demand application-sharing service
A New Standard for Managing and Sharing Information
The AppExchange on-demand platform is the new standard for managing and sharing information. And not just CRM information. Companies can use Salesforce as a hub for managing and sharing information that drives all sorts of business processes — from product development and partner relationships to recruiting and expense tracking. Now companies can create, access, and share on-demand applications as easily as they can order a book online.

Democratizing Enterprise Applications
Best of all, anyone can tap into this on-demand architecture. Features like point-and-click customization and the best interface in the industry make it possible for anyone to create new on-demand applications. Finally, creating applications that meet your unique business needs is second nature — not just an IT fantasy.

Dramatically Expanding On-Demand Innovation
The AppExchange features the world's first on-demand application-sharing service, featuring dozens of pre-built, pre-integrated applications — from expense management to purchasing to recruiting — all created by customers, developers, and partners. The AppExchange directory allows companies to browse and test drive these apps, install them into their Salesforce accounts with a click, and run them alongside their existing on-demand applications. The breadth of applications in the AppExchange — including CRM and other types of business apps — is limited only by the imagination of its publishers and the on-demand community.

CRM Product Demos
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