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Hacker Defender
This is the Hacker Defender rootkit for Windows. This is more of a 'blackhat' tool than a training example. It is the most popular and wide spread rootkit today.
description | homepage
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This is the Russian rootkit, HE4HOOK. This code is very complete.
description | download
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This is the set of basic windows rootkits used for training purposes in the class 'Offensive Aspects of Rootkit Technology'. Good for starters.
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Vanquish is a DLL injection based Romanian rootkit that hides files, folders, registry entries and logs passwords.
description | changelog | download
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NT Rootkit
The original and first public NT ROOTKIT - has not been updated for many years but is good for ideas.
description | download
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The FU rootkit can hide processes, elevate process privileges, fake out the Windows Event Viewer so that forensics is impossible, and even hide device drivers (NEW!) All this without any hooking.
description | changelog | download
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Winlogonhijack injects a dll into winlogon.exe and hooks msgina.WlxLoggedOutSAS, logging every login in plaintext.
description | changelog | download
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klister is a simple set of utilities for Windows 2000, designed to read the internal kernel data structures, in order to get reliable information about the system state (like list of all processes, including those "hidden" by rootkits, even by 'fu').
description | download
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Patchfinder implements Execution Path Analysis technique for Windows 2000 systems. EPA is intended to detect various kernel and DLL rookits in the system.
description | changelog | download
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An ethernet bridge / VPN program for windows.
description | download
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A driver that will identify writable memory chips / FlashRAM / EEPROM on the motherboard.
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A driver that stores data in 'bad blocks' or unallocated clusters on an IDE drive/NTFS partition.
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A driver that can store executable code in a FLASH or EEPROM and submit this code to be executed from the video processor in order to patch kernel memory.
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VICE - Catch hookers! VICE is a tool to find hookers!
description | download
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Klog demonstrates how to use a kernel filter driver to implement a simple key logger.
description | download
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A portable Win32 userland rootkit.
NtIllusion is an userland rootkit for win 2000/XP systems. It uses Dll injection and API entry point rewriting to perform its stealth. This is more a proof of concept than a true hax0r tool.
description | homepage | changelog
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AFX Rootkit 2005
This OPEN SOURCE Delphi rootkit uses code injection and hooks Windows native API to hide processes, modules, handles, files, ports, registry keys, etc.
description | homepage | download
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A Cross architecture Solaris rootkit the development of which is aimed to both increase understanding of the Solaris OS and to show that it's not just the external threats that a Solaris Admin should worry about.
description | homepage
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Shadow Walker
Shadow Walker as seen at Black Hat and Phrack 63.
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BootRootkit (eEye)
eEye BootRoot is a project presented at Black Hat USA 2005 by researchers Derek Soeder and Ryan Permeh, as an exploration of technology that custom boot sector code can use to subvert the Windows kernel as it loads. The eEye BootRootKit is a boot sector-b
description | homepage | download
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CHAZ - Nima Bagheri
"Chaz" is a tool that allows network administrators and Manegements to quickly and easily perform a network security audit. Chaz By "Nima Bagheri"
description | homepage | changelog | download
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Clandestine File System Driver
Cfsd is a driver project for misrepresenting and protecting various aspects of the underlying file systems.
description | homepage | changelog | download
message board

FUTo is the successor of FU.
description | download
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Windows Memory Forensic Toolkit
Windows Memory Forensic Toolkit (WMFT) is a collection of utilities intended for forensic use. WMFT can be used to perform forensic analysis of physical memory images acquired from Windows 2003/XP machines.
description | homepage | download
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RAIDE stands for Rootkit Analysis Identification Elimination. RAIDE is a rootkit detection/removal tool.
description | download
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Bypassing your testbox's login password
Aug 10 2006, 10:21 (UTC+0)
bugcheck writes: After living out of a duffle bang for 2 months now i've finally got all my stuff back and have settled into a new apartment and finally have dev PC's again, W00h00! So this isnt the first have had to do this to recover an install with a forgotten password but figured id share it incase you are able to take advantage of it (thx to a friend for pointing out what function did the trick). As stupid as I am I always pick those unique but easy to remember passwords that of course ill never forget, use it once and shelf the image for months at a time and then of course, forget it. In my case today its my dev box!!! Luckly i had been using it as a test machine when i first got it so i happened to already have a boot.ini entry to kernel debug on 1394 and of course had my laptop handy. I know there are better ways to recover a forgotten password but of course its not as cool as this! =P It doesnt reset it but at least you can log in again...

Happy debugging,

kd> !process 0 0 winlogon.exe
PROCESS 817bb978 SessionId: 0 Cid: 0260 Peb: 7ffdc000 ParentCid: 0168
DirBase: 05e40060 ObjectTable: e148a858 HandleCount: 455.
Image: winlogon.exe

kd> .process /p /r 817bb978
Implicit process is now 817bb978
.cache forcedecodeuser done
Loading User Symbols
kd> u msv1_0!MsvpPasswordValidate l3
77c79927 ?? ???
^ Memory access error in 'u msv1_0!MsvpPasswordValidate l3'

kd> .pagein msv1_0!MsvpPasswordValidate
You need to continue execution (press 'g' ) for the pagein to be brought in. When the debugger breaks in again, the page will be present.

kd> g
Break instruction exception - code 80000003 (first chance)
80526da8 cc int 3

kd> u msv1_0!MsvpPasswordValidate l3
77c79927 8bff mov edi,edi
77c79929 55 push ebp
77c7992a 8bec mov ebp,esp

kd> eq msv1_0!MsvpPasswordValidate cccc000cc201b0

kd> u msv1_0!MsvpPasswordValidate l3
77c79927 b001 mov al,0x1
77c79929 c20c00 ret 0xc
77c7992c cc int 3


kd> g

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Oct 02, 2006

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GOT TO LOVE ie6 ohday

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