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as of Sept. 1st, 2006


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Content/Ad Injection System
- This new product gives broadcasters amazing flexibility with their streaming content

Media Clips
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- Deliver your content to portable mp3 players and iPods using RSS...

Cellular Streaming
- Excited about streaming your media to cell phones. So are we!

Need DRM?
- Let our technology provide complete Digital Rights Management to secure your subscription based and restricted content streams

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Stream from your AXIS camera
- Convert a JPEG push camera into a virtual video device capable of streaming. More...

Alternative technology that makes cents!
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Is your stream Abacast Enabled?

Abacast Enabled means...
Proven higher quality, more stable stream connection
Compatible with Windows Media, MP3, and aacPlus
Up to 98% bandwidth savings
No "Server Full" messages
Works with Video and Audio
Significantly reduced streaming costs ...

The Best Stream, at the Best Price!

Abacast technology greatly improves the delivery of one-to-many real-time streaming media in any format. Abacast’s Distributed Streaming Network technology makes it possible to stream the highest quality media to any size audiences with unparalleled scalability and bandwidth efficiencies.

The secret of Abacast’s technology lies in the ability to harness and manage the unused bandwidth of actively connected client computers. This creates a closely-monitored Distributed Streaming Network that delivers a higher quality, more stable, more adaptable connection while at the same time significantly reducing bandwidth requirements.

About Abacast Technology
Abacast Compared to Unicast
Abacast Compared to Peer-to-Peer

Radio World writes about Abacast Enabled KING FM celebrating nine years online:

"…the KING(FM)-branded Abacast audio player… is a small program that runs on the user’s PC, allowing them to receive at an ear-pleasing 48 kbps."

"…[Abacast] is a solution that allows KING to provide better sound at lower per-user bandwidth costs, without noticeably affecting the listener’s Internet access or system security."

Abacast is a full service streaming service provider and streaming software vendor offering a wide range of streaming products and services. You can find a partial list of our products and services here. For our full products offering please contact

We specialize in live and one-to-many streaming applications via standard streaming technologies and our patented, unique Distributed Streaming technology. It is this unique technology that gives us a huge advantage in the market place making us better able to compete for all of your streaming business.

No matter how large or small your streaming project Abacast has the highest quality, most cost effective solution. We also offer a whole host of on-demand streaming products and complete DRM (Digital Rights Management). Please contact Abacast's dedicated sales staff to find out more about Abacast's streaming media products and services and what Abacast's unique technology can do for your streaming business.

Alternative technology that makes cents!

For more information or to receive a quote please contact


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fallsview live cams

Empire State Building

KATU Traffic Cam

MVY Radio

Tripsmarter - Beach TV



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