Corkscrew Rotator Cuff Repair
Stephen S. Burkhart, M.D.
San Antonio, Texas

The Arthrex Corkscrew Rotator Cuff Repair System offers superior pullout strength in soft bone and a simplified, reproducible technique for min-open and arthroscopic rotator cuff repairs.
The Corkscrew Anchor has a unique auger type thread and a thin 2.0 mm core diameter. This provides outstanding holding strength and cancellous bone usually encountered in rotator cuff repair. The 5.0mm Corkscrew is preloaded with two #2 braided sutures to increase soft tissue fixation with fewer anchors.
The Corkscrew requires no predrilling and can be inserted easily into cancellous bone by hand with the convenient preloaded handled inserter. The Corkscrew can be easily removed and leaves only a small 2mm diameter hole in the bone after removal.
For arthroscopic repairs, The Corkscrew, used in conjunction with a patented Rotator Cuff Grasper, facilitates insertion of the Corkscrew through the rotator cuff and into bone in one surgical step. The thread design and small core diameter of the Corkscrew allow insertion through the rotator cuff with minimal trauma to tissue. The Grasper transports anchored suture ends out the lateral cannula during grasper extraction.
The 6th Finger Knot Pusher significantly simplifies arthroscopic knot tying by retaining tension on the knowt throughtout the entire knot tying procedure.

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