Self-Loading of
20-ft or 40-ft Containers
to Other Vehicles
Double Stacking for
Higher Density Storage

CDK Mobile Systems Inc. is a North American distributor for the Steelbro brand of Sidelifters manufactured by Steelbro New Zealand Ltd. Steelbro is the world's largest producer of sideloading trucks and trailers with thousands of systems fielded with military and commercial customers in 60 countries worldwide. Steelbro's Sidelifter product line includes numerous systems ranging in capacity from 4 to 40 tons. Sidelifter kits can be supplied to mate with existing customer trucks or complete trailer systems with self-contained power and sliding cranes (to handle 20 and 40-ft containers) can be supplied.

Military Applications

Mobile Hospital Facility
Trailer Mount - UK
Military Supply Truck
Mount - Czech Rep.
40-Ft Containers
Ft. Bragg, NC

Military Agencies worldwide are now realizing the benefits of utilizing versatile side loading trailers for the self contained handling and transport of ISO containers and Tactical Shelters, freeing up more expensive assets such as Rough Terrain Container Handlers (RTCHs) and PLS Vehicles for more critical applications near the front line of conflict.

Rear area uses include the handling of hospital shelters, maintenance workshops, and accommodation facilities including shelter/container based kitchens, latrines, laundries, etc., and home base handling of ISO containers used for deployment. The first of two Steelbro Sideloaders was delivered to Ft. Bragg in November, 2004 to fill their base container handling requirements.

Sideloaders vs. PLS for Container Handling

Ft. Bragg
Container Handling:
1 on PLS vs. 2 on Sideloader
Which is More Efficient?
How Would You Prefer
Your Cargo to be Handled?

Sideloading trailers and trucks are designed for the sole purpose of handling ISO containers and pallets, making them much more efficient at this task than other multi-purpose vehicles such as PLS systems (originally designed for flatrack pallets).

Benefits of utilizing Sideloaders for routine handling of containers in rear areas are as follows:

Sideloader Trailer
PLS Vehicle
Weight Capacity
Up to 79,200 lbs
33,000 lbs
Number and Type
of Containers
One 40-ft
Two 20-ft
Not 40-ft Capable
One 20-ft
Lift Method
Level Raise
Both Ends
Tilt One End
Road Tractor (or Rough Terrain Truck)
Dedicated Rough
Terrain Truck
Highway Speed  
70 mph+
56.5 mph
Cost (approx)
50% of PLS
200% of Sideloader
Height w/Container
(low bridge clearance)
12.5 ft
14.5 ft approx.
Stack Two High?
Load/Unload Rail
Load Other Com'l
or Line Haul Trailers

Leasing for Military Applications

Beginning with the delivery of two Steelbro Sideloaders to Ft. Bragg in 2004, CDK Mobile Systems can now offer long term lease programs for Steelbro Sideloaders to US Military customers and bases. Ask us today about the benefits of our long term operational lease program as compared to the procurement of equipment using precious capital funds.

US Army Europe Military Sideloaders

As of 2001, Steelbro owns the data and product rights for all Sideloaders previously designed and manufactured by Arbau-Klaus GmbH of Germany. These Klaus Sideloaders (also know as Kranmobiles) are widely known on military bases throughout Europe for their robust design and safety systems, and capability to load containers from either side of the trailer. Klaus Sideloaders are now built at the Steelbro facility in New Zealand.

Ease of Use, Maximum Versatility

Loading of Specialty
Vehicles & Platforms
Fast, Easy Remote
Control Operation
Low Profile Cranes
(Less Damage & Maintenance)

Containers can be loaded to & from the ground, stacked 2-high, and cross-loaded between other trucks, trailers or rail cars. The extended outreach of 3.7 meters on Steelbro Sidelifters greatly enhances to cross-loading capabilities in any situation.

Loading of a container onto a Steelbro Sidelifter can be accomplished by one operator (the truck driver) in about five minutes. The remotely controlled (by wire or radio signal) dual-speed Danfoss proportional controls built into each system provide for smooth control of the container load at all times, to ensure maximum safety and product reliability.

Steelbro's lowline crane design provides for the smallest crane profile in the business, providing a low center of gravity and reducing the chance for damage from port cranes or straddle carriers. The lowline design also reduces the maintenance requirements associated with wear and tear of on-road travel.

Emergency Response Efficiency

Steelbro Sidelifters are ideal for use by emergency responders who can store heavy or voluminous supplies and equipment in ISO containers and then respond quickly to a disaster site with just the right container for that emergency. (Download emergency response brochure for more information.)

Sideloader Emergency Response

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Steelbro Sidelifter Model SB33

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For more detailed technical information and photographs of all Steelbro Sidelifter products, please visit the Steelbro Web site at

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