We would like to inform you that CoolDev.Com prepared all new package you may be interested in. The package's name is KoolStorage and it is not ordinary Delphi VCL library. KoolStorage is WindowsNT/Windows2K SCSI miniport driver with the special capability of calling the code from the user's external export driver (kind of own KernelMode plug-in technology close to the COM objects but at KernelMode level). The driver creates unlimited number (user-controllable) of virtual SCSI controllers and SCSI hard disks on a machine. Actual code that handles I/O requests is removed from the KoolStorage SCSI miniport driver to the external KernelMode DLL that user writes himself. This means that developing own storage solution can be done in a minutes!

Technical Information and Advantages of the Package.
The following are advantages and pluses programmers may get by using the KoolStorage: Instead of developing own SCSI port or SCSI miniport driver, implementing own interface for UserMode <-> KernelMode communications, writing complicated mount/unmount code at file system level and removable media handing code at SCSI miniport level programmer just writes KernelMode DLL (very good sample is shipped with the package) that exports Read(), Write(), Open() & Close() "methods" that will be called by SCSI miniport driver.

As all the SCSI I/O handling code, mount/unmount and removable media handling code is encapsulated in the miniport user have to implement only very small part of the project himself. This dramatically descreases development time and results less bugs in the code as the full storage solution can be written by a person who have not ever seen SCSI specification at all.

What software development areas KoolSockets can be used in.

    "Storage over IP" solutions.
  • Virtual disk drives that map drive contents to the file or partition on the local or remote machine (for own encryption, file systems tesing etc).
  • SCSIizing non-SCSI hardware (like mapping internal memory of the digital camera as the drive letter so you can access the media from any application, writing driver for custom flash memory board in a minutes etc).
  • Remote or local file systems that supports journalling (you can keep all the inital data in read-only image and write every day changes in the separate file this means backtracking can be done very easy and safe)
  • Creating own RAID and backup software (you can write in parallel on multiple files located on different physical volumes or you can implement fast writes to local file system and just queue lazy writes to remote backup server...)
As a sample we provide the DLL that maps drive letters either to files on local file system or just redirects reads and writes to the sever application running on other machine with the use of the own network protocol over the TCP. Actually this is ready-to-use "Storage over IP" solution.

You may download the beta of the both packages from the following location:

Storage Over IP demo (kernel mode)

  • Kernel sockets driver (ksock.sys).
  • Generic storage driver (MiniGun.sys)
  • The utilities that enable you to prepare mount / unmount and work with the virtual drives. This is sort of the demonstration how both packages work.
  • The very basic documentation also included (we do know that the well thought and prepared documentation is very important for the customers and testers so documentation will be improved shortly). HowTo.doc defines the way to install and make software work.
Your feedback is very important for us and your opinion will determine our upcoming changes and improvements.

If you are interested in the product and would like to know more about it please contact us at

News and updates.
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