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Domino’s buys Pizza Haven in food franchise sector
Domino’s Pizza Australia has bolstered its international expansion drive by purchasing Pizza Haven New Zealand.

The move will see Domino’s Pizza New Zealand become NZ’s second largest pizza maker. Domino’s Pizza New Zealand, a subsidiary of Domino’s Pizza Australia, already operates 16 stores on New Zealand’s north island. Pizza Haven New Zealand has 35 stores across both north and south islands. Most Pizza Hut New Zealand franchisees will be offered the opportunity to convert their stores to Domino’s Pizza New Zealand stores. However, Pizza Haven New Zealand franchisees are also able to remain operating as Pizza Haven stores. Domino’s Pizza New Zealand will continue to support them under the Pizza Haven brand and will honour existing franchise agreements.

“Pizza Haven and Domino’s Pizza both recognise that the competitive market in New Zealand needs to be rationalised and that greater buying power will offer better returns to Pizza Haven New Zealand franchisees,” says Domino’s Pizza Australia CEO, Don Meij.

According to Pizza Haven New Zealand joint managing director, Bill Christou, the sale is the best possible outcome for Pizza Haven New Zealand franchisees.

“The New Zealand pizza market is highly competitive and individual store owners need the competitive advantage which comes from group buying power and marketing,” he says. “We firmly believe this sale will offer strong benefits to our franchise owners.”

Over the past decade Domino’s Pizza Australia has purchased four chains and in these cases the converted stores have recorded sales and profit increases. In 1995 it merged with 85 Silvio’s Dial-A-Pizza stores across Australia. Last year, it bought 16 Big Daddy’s Pizza stores in Melbourne.

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