30 March 2004 - Need Help! - BlackAce  

After a long interval (again...) I decided to upload my improvement work on Su-30 Flanker for next AF release. Model is exportable to UT2003 and to UT2004 (hopefully). Anyways, engine and code features of UT2004 seem very handy for our MOD. So, its likely that we will be working on AF 4.0 for UT2004. Watch us!

And by the way, I have to declare that we need help, only former members are with Airfight project, who are busy with life affairs most of the time, (including me) I think we could be more productive if we had more help. Coders, skinners, modelers please assist.


  12 November 2003 - Progress - BlackAce  

More more and more please :) Transport helicopters are ready, I have removed weapon pylons from helicopters, and again in our new gameplay Utiliy helicopters wont need any armament, you may say that "I would never pilot these helicopters unless they have guns on it" however when you have 4.0 in your hands, you dont even remember your word :) sorry no more comment,

Here are the models, it was quite difficult to model these vehicles so there isnt any textures for now, but they will be in place soon.

  10 November 2003 - Progress - BlackAce  

Weekend has passed quite fast, however we weren't on halt at the meantime, we have planned an "excellent" complete new gametype... Do you want a tip, what about saying "good bye!" to old vehicle selection? Sorry but we won't let you go on Strike Flights with Combat Air Patrol Aircrafts anymore :), Anyways, here is another progress who likes something more materialistic, US and Russian Tank Killers are ready to fly!

  6 November 2003 - Texture Progress - BlackAce  

And Mig-29 Fulcrum is ready!

  5 November 2003 - Texture Progress - BlackAce  

OKay! I have finished texturing and model improvement jobs of all three Flankers. Here are some model renders where you can see them in Naval and Desert color packs, (both in Multi and Mono color schemes) now Im proceeding with Mig-29

By the way, expect Su-32 or Su-34 Flanker, and of course its counterparts...

  4 November 2003 - Texture Progress - BlackAce  

I have textured Su-27, I had some troubles with the model so it took some extra time to finish texturing. I have slightly changed shape of the model on some parts, and now I think that model is much more accurate than before. Here are both Multi and Mono color schemes of Flanker, featuring Naval and default Grey color packs...

  3 November 2003 - Texture samples - BlackAce  

Here, I finished F-15E Strike Eagle's texture job. In upcoming beta, We will replace team colors with team camouflags, there will be two teams per match, and two camouflag types. Types are "mono/two color" and "multi color" both camouflags will have 5 sub-color schemes including Desert, Forest, Navy, Winter and Grey. Here is F-15E with textures, I think these shots will explain my idea briefly...

Colors are customizable...

  2 November 2003 - Airfight 2000 Group is re-organizing - BlackAce  

After releasing Beta 3.0 and its expansion packs we didnt do much about Airfight due to our real life affairs. And losing some members hit a bad impact on our progress. Anyways, we're back in business again, Vahl, Jeffrey and I are back in team, Chris, Booksley and Skrilla will be back soon. Now our main objective is to convert our good old Beta 3.0 to UT2003 compatible with complete new graphics, customizable skins and new play style. But we need some help first, we need mappers, 2D artists and of course new CODERS. If any of you think that you can be helpfull please contact us! We need all the help we can get.

These are new models with new textures, altough these are work-in textures, they're compatible with UT2003. New texturing way I found allows me to change colors of the texture in a second, previous skins of 3.0 cannot be changed unless created from scratch... So this time you can create your own camo. for any vehicle you want...

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