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Updated March 10, 2005

Darius Gaiden

From the arcade to your home in just under a decade! That’s the unspoken battle cry of Interplay’s Value Division. In this case, the arcade game in question comes to us by way of the disastrous Sega Saturn console -- but the less said about that the better. As easy as it would seem to kick around a 2001 release of the nonsensical space shooter Darius Gaiden onto the PC -- believe me I was ready to do just that-- it’s actually a surprisingly solid value title.

Like all the classic side-scrolling shooters, Darius Gaiden is about fast-paced mayhem. The game plays straight off the CD with no installation necessary, and less than a minute after opening the package you can be furiously dodging dozens of projectiles.

An inscrutable attempt at a story flashes across the screen (aliens are bad, get ‘em!) for a couple of seconds, then it’s straight into the dogfight. Anyone who has played one of the dozens of Japanese space shooters that once swarmed arcades will be immediately familiar with the kill-things-and-pick-up-weapons gameplay, and novices won’t exactly find it rocket science to puzzle it out. There’s only two buttons and lots of swerving.

Okay, so it’s not a particularly impressive game by today’s standards, but as a value title Darius Gaiden delivers. For a $9.99 MSRP (we found it online for as little as $4), you get 28 levels with branching paths and ridiculously complicated level bosses to keep things interesting. The game is playable in multiplayer mode on the same keyboard, and it runs just fine off of any old Pentium machine. For fans of the old-school side-scrollers or folks who don’t mind dropping less than the price of a movie ticket for a fast, fun, brainless diversion, Darius Gaiden is a great buy.

--Daniel Erickson

PC Gamer 74%


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