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Accommodations of Specific Disabilities Accommodations of Specific Disabilities

Working Effectively with Individuals who are HIV-Positive

Author(s): representative
About the author(s): New York State Department of Health AIDS Institute
Date: 1994; 2001
Article Outline:
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Are HIV-Positive Persons or Those Diagnosed with AIDS Considered to Have a Disability?
What Can an Employer Ask About the Medical Condition of an HIV-Positive Person?
What is Reasonable Accommodation?
What Types of Accommodations Should be Considered for HIV- Positive Employees?
Which Employee Records Require Confidential Handling?
What if the Employer is Concerned that it May be Unsafe for the Person who is HIV Positive to Remain in the Workplace?
Does The ADA Affect the Employer's Choice of Insurance Benefits Where Coverage of HIV-Positive Persons is Concerned?
Where Can I Find Resources to Assist in Accommodating the HIV-Positive Employee and Provide General Education on HIV to Our Workplace?
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