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Accommodations of Specific Disabilities Accommodations of Specific Disabilities

Causes of Poor Indoor Air Quality and What You Can Do About It

Author(s): Nellie J. Brown, M.S., CIH
Date: 1994
Updated by: Nellie J. Brown, M.S., CIH
About the author:: Statewide Director
Workplace Health and Safety Program
NYS School of Industrial and Labor Relations
Cornell University
237 Main St. ? Suite 1200
Buffalo, New York 14203
(716) 852-4191
Date: February, 2002
Article Outline:
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What Are The Typical Symptoms Of Poor Indoor Air Quality?
What Is Poor Indoor Air Quality?
What Are The Causes Of Poor Indoor Air Quality?
How Do You Find Out If Your Building Has An Indoor Air Quality Problem?
What Can You Do To Correct Poor Indoor Air Quality Problems?
Reasonable Accommodation Under The ADA For Someone Who Needs Better Air Quality (Even After Corrections Are Done)
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