Wednesday 18th October 2006 03:22:17 BST
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About Myst  [Groove Radar] Contact Info
Joined 12th Sep 2002
Total Posts 4606 (Show last 10 Posts)
User Level 100 ( Core Admin )
CP -4999654
Location Kingston, Surrey
Sex Male
Torrents : 28.31 GB : 1.22 KB
Ratio 24283208.591
Date of Birth 11th February 1983
Occupation Webmaster
Favourite Track(s) Jam and Marmalade
Skill Level Catastrophic+
Blog User Yes
Scorelist Tag MYST
Supernova Scorelist Tag MYST
Interests DDR, Music, Movies, PHP, Arcade, Movie Editing, DDRUK, Playstation, Anime, Manga, Phantasy Star Online, Pop n' Music
Yahoo N/A
Skype mystcb
Jabber N/A
Private Message
Buddy List
Status Offline

Web Monkey

Trophies Gained
Trophy Details
For being a test user for the trophy section! Nothing special here at all. If you see this then I may give you one!
Attending the London MCM Expo in October 2006.

Personal Details
Mug Shot Profile
This is my profile, I worked very hard on this website, from the start back on the 11th September 2002. The website has grown thanks to members and staff alike. Everyone has helped contribute their bit, and I would just like to say thank you to you all!

Locations you can find me in
Name of place Location
The Rotunda (Megabowl) Kingston
Earls Court London

The next three events I shall be attending
Date Event Attendees
Sat 28th Oct 2006 London MCM Expo
  -- Event
Sun 29th Oct 2006 London MCM Expo
  -- Event
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Machines which I have played on
EuroMIX, EuroMIX 2, DDX, DS Fusion, DDR3RDKV2, Extreme, DDR5TH, ITG, PIUEX, DS, GF, PPP2ND
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My Contribution Points Summary
Action Presenter Reason Time/Date
Added 1 CP Myst An update within ... 27-09-2006 10:50 PM BST
Added 5CP Pikachelsea (2005-10-17) bump... 20-10-2005 02:19 AM BST
Added 10CP Myst But then again wh... 09-06-2005 04:10 PM BST
Removed 15CP Myst Need CP.. no way 09-06-2005 04:08 PM BST
Removed 10CP Myst Again.. why? 09-06-2005 04:06 PM BST

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