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Patrick Philbin


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Moonachie, NJ
Age: 41
Weight: 310


Patrick Philbin (no relation to Regis) has become an ambassador for the sport of competitive eating.

A born statesman, he recently attempted to establish a sister-city relationship between Moonachie, New Jersey, and Little Rock, Arkansas. He hoped that competitive eating could be used as a vehicle to promote economic activity in both locations.

Despite his failure to attract support for this campaign, he remains a committed eater and hopes one day to win the Nathan's contest.

It appeared to many that Philbin had the characteristics of a Hall of Famer. His image, sadly, was sullied when, during a recent New York City morning show, he placed sliced turkey on his head.

On a personal note, Philbin calls himself "Pat from Moonachie," and as a result, many people call him "Pat from Moonachie."



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