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Employee Networking Programs

Productive professionals make big enterprises competitive, yet these employees now increasingly find their work obstructed. Creating and exchanging knowledge and intangibles through interaction with their professional peers is the very heart of what they do. Yet most of them squander endless hours searching for the knowledge they need—even if it resides in their own companies—and coordinating their work with others.”

- The McKinsey Quarterly, “The 21st- Century Organization”

Today’s workforce is becoming disconnected as companies globalize and employees take advantage of alternative work schedules and telecommuting. In this new business environment, the maintenance and development of personal relationships have become critically important. In response, many companies are now turning to formalized enterprise-wide programs as both a solution to the problem and an opportunity to optimize their organization’s performance by fostering:

SelectMinds’ connection-building platform is designed to initiate, cultivate, and leverage the full range of employee relationships across the enterprise. Managers and members can search participant profiles or check discussion forums to quickly find otherwise undiscovered talents, expertise, and ideas. Surveys can yield important insights into the economy, the industry, and the company. Members separated by distance and disconnected silos can develop strong relationships that cross all barriers. In effect, the collective inspiration and experience of the entire workforce is made visible and accessible to everyone – to address business problems, maximize opportunities, and gain competitive advantage.

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