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Corporate Alumni Programs

“Alumni groups are worthwhile for employees and employers alike. Maintaining contact on a regular basis enables both parties to form advantageous business connections and continue building professional relationships over time. Rather than saying goodbye to valued team members when they leave your company, you will keep the door open to mutually beneficial opportunities.”

- CIO Update

People make the difference. In a business environment where the workforce is becoming more dynamic and mobile each day, employees with exceptional skills, experience, and corporate knowledge provide the competitive edge. Yet, when these same invaluable employees leave a company, managers wish them well, the relationship ends, and businesses end up ignoring one of their most valuable resources: their alumni.

Today, smart employers recognize that alumni play an important role in the success of their businesses and that investing in life-long relationships with them carries measurable value. By developing formal alumni programs, they reap benefits, including:

SelectMinds, the leader in employee and alumni networking solutions, uses a combination of services and technology to create programs that build and strengthen these relationships. Through our programs, you can provide your alumni with valuable resources including a Career Center, Events and News Pages, and a powerful Directory. Even more significantly, SelectMinds' proprietary corporate social networking technology creates a secure, interactive space where members can build and create their own personal and professional networks, connecting with each other and their former company. These networks become even more expansive and beneficial when you give employees access to the alumni program, creating greater opportunities for business development and talent management.

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