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Deafening Silence
Posted 10.18.06 1:07 PM

7,000 New Pennsylvania Jobs - Thank You Senator
Posted 10.17.06 8:01 PM

Bob, Why Can't You Answer the Questions?
Posted 10.17.06 3:48 PM

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Deafening Silence

Bobby Casey, Jr. and his crew of supporters hit rock bottom yesterday. At a rally in support of Casey, Jr., the president of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) called Senator Santorum "the anti-Christ." AFSCME has also endorsed Casey, Jr. and contributed $11,321 to his campaign:

Union Leader Likens Santorum To "The Anti-Christ"

A union official on Tuesday described Republican Sen. Rick Santorum as "the anti-Christ" on issues affecting working people.

Pete Matthews, president of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, Council 33, made the remarks during a luncheon speech before union retirees.

"I kind of refer to him as the anti-Christ, but I guess I'm not supposed to say that, but that's what he's about," Matthews said, claiming Santorum lacks a record supporting working people.

["Union leader likens Santorum to 'the anti-Christ'," Associated Press, October 18, 2006]

One time incident or trend . . .

This is not the first time Casey, Jr. has refused to comment on disparaging remarks -- from his strongest friends and allies -- made against Senator Santorum:

  • January 2006: Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid -- who recruited Casey, Jr. to run for Senate -- used ethnic slurs for political gain when referring to Senator Santorum. Reid has also contributed $10,000 to Casey, Jr.'s campaign. [James O'Toole, "Santorum In Cross Hairs For 2006," Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, January 17, 2005]

  • Casey, Jr.'s Response: SILENCE
  • September 2006: Pennsylvania AFL-CIO President Bill George likened Senator Santorum to Hitler. The AFL-CIO has also contributed $10,000 to Casey, Jr.'s campaign. [Brett Lieberman, "Style Key To Winning Senate Seat, Analysts Say," Harrisburg Patriot-News, September 3, 2006]
  • Casey, Jr.'s Response: SILENCE

Posted by Stan Olshefski on 10.18.06 at 1:07 PM

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