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For centuries, prayer has been used by many cultures around the world as a way of healing. We have seen and heard many examples of how prayer produces countless miracles in the lives of those around us.

There are over 300 major clinical studies that show the power of prayer really does work! Dr. Deepak Chopra and Dr. Larry Dossey have written extensively about prayer and how it is a major aspect of our health on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Quantum Prayer Wheel art, by Michele Quinn,

Dr. William Nelson, the creator of the EPFX-SCIO, invented the Quantum Prayer Wheel (QPW). The QPW is quantum physics technology that uses a computer to broadcast the healing frequencies of prayer and healing information to energetically balance you continuously, 24 / 7.

Since our bodies are always emitting electrical impulses, the program can mathematically communicate information to your consciousness in the same language which the body speaks. We use information unique to you to create an "energy signature" which establishes communication with you.

It does not matter where you are living, or where you are at any given moment, the Quantum Prayer Wheel interfaces with you through the function of your Higher-Self, using subtle energies and information to communicate with your consciousness. This is the same way the EPFX-SCIO works in long-distance sessions called subspace.

The Quantum Prayer Wheel sends corrective frequencies that attempt to eliminate stress potentials that can be present with certain imbalances. This is similar to how an anti-virus software scans, clears and protects your computer. When inner stress is released, the individual's own natural healing abilities help improve harmonic resonance, resulting in increased physical, mental and/or spiritual health. Participants frequently report significant decrease in physical discomfort or blockages and increase in flexibility, relaxation, physical and emotional well-being.

This energetic balancing system may be the most advanced and effective subtle energy alignment technology available in the world today. Similar to a modern Tibetan prayer wheel, the Quantum Prayer Wheel generates and broadcasts 92,000 prayer frequencies per second directly to you. Included is a huge spectrum of balancing frequencies designed for optimum health and advancement in personal growth.

Quantum Prayer Wheel Subscription Service
Pure, positive quantum waves of energy are directed to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, deflecting any negative vibrations.

The Quantum Prayer Wheel opens the doors to far greater states of love, peace, joy, health, wealth and happiness, that have been shown to result from effective and focused prayer. The QPW prayers do not exclude any faith or belief -- all are inclusive and supportive of each other.

A one-year subscription plan is now only $365. That is just a dollar a day! You can also customize your personal Quantum Prayer Wheel program and include your intentions for what you want to create in your life! A card with your name, subscription info, and the beautiful art (above) will be sent to you.

Family Plan - up to 4 people for $365, plus an additional $50 per person. Pets are included for free!

It makes a phenomenal gift for your friends, family members, and especially for yourself. You can also buy a subscription plan for your business space and/or your home.

First, fill out a form for each member, and submit it:
Quantum Prayer Wheel Form

After filling out the form you will be sent to a page with payment information.


This service is provided by
A portion of the Quantum Prayer Wheel proceeds will be donated to
Jenny McCarthy's fund for building schools for Indigo and Crystal children.



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