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Divisional Commander's Statement

Caroline Ball

Divisional Commander Caroline Ball

Oldham division covers the areas of Failsworth and Hollinwood, Royton and Shaw, Chadderton, Saddleworth and Lees and the areas in Oldham itself. Almost 220,000 people live in the 55 square miles in the north- west of Greater Manchester that makes up the Borough of Oldham. They live in communities that vary from the densely populated urban areas to the west of the town to the rural, moor land villages to the east. Fourteen per cent of the population comes from the black and minority ethnic communities.

Oldham's divisional Commander is Chief Superintendent Caroline Ball.

Caroline started her career in GMP as a constable in South Manchester in 1986. Working in the areas of Levenshulme, Gorton and Moss Side she developed skills which lead to her obtaining a sergeant's position in Stockport in 1992.

After being promoted to inspector in 1997 working in Trafford, she became Chief Inspector, and worked in South Manchester in the areas of Didsbury and Chorlton and then went to the Tactical Aid Unit.

Once promoted to Superintendent in 2003, she spent time working at the force headquarters in the Corporate Performance Team and then returned to South Manchester before starting in Oldham on August 31 2005.

"Oldham is a town that is ethnically diverse, geographically varied and has a reputation for no- nonsense, straight- talking. As such it requires a very particular approach to policing - one that listens to people's concerns, agrees practical courses of actions, and importantly delivers results.

"That approach I believe is  neighbourhood policing, something that has already made a huge difference to how communities in Oldham and the police work together, significantly reduced crime in the Borough and won national acclaim and support for its innovative attitude to problem solving.

"Proactive policing and partnership working with the community has led to a year on year reduction in crime over the last few years. Oldham Division is determined to drive crime down even further.

"To support  Neighbourhood policing Oldham is split into six areas - Chadderton, Royton and Shaw, Uppermill and Lees, Failsworth, Oldham West and Oldham East. Each of these has an area Inspector whose responsibility it is to consult with their local communities, monitor potential crime hotspots and ultimately reduce crime.  Neighbourhood police officers and Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) work with the community and partners to make Oldham a safer more pleasant place for people to live, learn and work."

To contact Chief Superintendent Caroline Ball please send your comments via the Divisional Feedback form.

Caroline Ball
Chief Superintendent


18/10/2006 08:39:23 New Chadderton Police Station Ready for Service

As of Monday October 9 2006 a new police station became operational in Oldham. Chadderton Police station, which is situated on Broadgate, will replace the police station on Victoria Street, Chadderton.

New Chadderton Police Station Ready for Service

12/10/2006 14:45:42 Woman arrested after attempt robbery at bank

Detectives investigating an attempt robbery in Royton on Tuesday 3 October 2006 have arrested a 55-year-old woman.

Woman arrested after attempt robbery at bank

29/09/2006 18:50:18 Men sentenced for attacking a security guard

Two men from Newton Heath were sentenced on Friday 29 September 2006, after attacking a security guard in Failsworth.

Men sentenced for attacking a security guard

26/09/2006 11:32:31 Police Get Across 'Crucial' Messages to Oldham Children

In the past three weeks, over 2000 school children in Oldham, from 69 schools have taken part in Crucial Crew, an annual multi-agency safety event, which is organised and managed by the police.

Police Get Across 'Crucial' Messages to Oldham Children