SSEYO in the News 2005

June 26 2006 - Content Zips from Cybersonica 2006

Superb Content Zips from Nick Sutton (LRAB) and Chas Mollet (AudioAubergine) now online - do not miss them!

Get these and use them in miniMIXA - make your own mix of their sets! These Content Zips are made available by Cybersonica under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License.

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June 26 2006 - SSEYO + miniMIXA live performances at Cybersonica 2006

Video clips for the talk and 3 performances (below) are now online (please note there are some small sections of silence due to the way they were recorded):

These video clips are made available by Cybersonica under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License.

>> Tim Cole/Tim Didymus - SSEYO (Illustrated lecture - talk + music) [74MB - WMV]
>> Chas Mollet - Audio Aubergine (Performance)[8MB - WMV]
>> Nick Sutton - LRAB (Performance) [13MB - WMV]
>> DJs Tendraw & The Gypsies Dog (Performance) [10MB - WMV]

May 19 2006 - SSEYO + miniMIXA live performances at Cybersonica 2006

Tim Cole & Tim Didymus on the history of SSEYO, with miniMIXA performances from Chas Mollet (Audio Aubergine), Nick Sutton (LRAB), DJ Tendraw & The Gypsies Dog

In what will go down as an historic event and a tipping point for mobile music making, Chas Mollet (Audio Aubergine), Nick Sutton (LRAB), DJ Tendraw & The Gypsies Dog all gave outstanding performances live on miniMIXA, with Tim Harrison (Aumeta) pulling it all together for the amazing Lewis Sykes of Cybersalon / Sancho Plan (and Cybersonica event organiser). Devices used were HP iPAQ (Windows Mobile) and on Orange C500 Smartphone (Windows Mobile). The performances followed an illustrated lecture on the history of SSEYO given by SSEYO co-founder Tim Cole and independent multimedia artist Timothy Didymus, which included excerpts from a wide range of Koan Didymus material. Pete Cole, SSEYO co-founder and technical architect of all products shown, was also present, witnessing events! A copy of that presentation is available from the bottom link below.

>> Cybersonica 2006 Programme
>> Cybersonica 2006 Artists
>> Cybersonica 2006 Overview
>> Presentation: SSEYO History-to-miniMIXA-website.pps

Apr 13 2006 - "Breaking Points" by Timothy Didymus and Glen Capra

LIVE in 5.1 Surround via OE1DD

A new radiophonic work for Kunstradio from Timothy Didymus, one of the pioneers of computer-generated music, developed together with pianist Glen Capra. The work uses the Koan generative music system and is being broadcast on 23rd April.

>> More information

Mar 28 2006 - SSEYO miniMIXA++ opens its Kimono

Major update

SSEYO miniMIXA++ now includes powerful Synth and FX Network editors, allowing creating and live editing of advanced sounds and effects that can be used with audio, MIDI or SKM files. These editors extend the capabilities of miniMIXA for live "mobile" performance, and for sound design.

>> Detailed Information

Mar 2/3 2006 - 3rd International Mobile Music Workshop

SSEYO miniMIXA V2 in talk and demos by Tim Cole

>> Event Information
>> Tim Cole SSEYO miniMIXA Presentation (Powerpoint PPS)

Nov 30th 2005 - SSEYO miniMIXA V2 Raises Mobile Music Mixing Standards


Effective immediately Tao Group announces availability of the next generation of its BAFTA award winning mobile music mixer SSEYO miniMIXA V2.

>> Press release

Sept 26th 2005 - Brian Eno Uses Koan on Latest Album

An interview with Brian Eno in Oct 2005 issue of Sound On Sound Magazine reports "Although he finds much to dislike about computer recording, Brian Eno acknowledges that computers can be used for generative purposes (he uses Koan software alot, on the new album [Another Day on Earth] for a textural background pad in the track Going Unconscious)."

>> Sound On Sound Magazine

Aug 03 2005 - SSEYO miniMIXA finalist at 2005 Popkomm-IMEA Awards

"The jury believes that the contestants we have short-listed may very well end up being significant players in the development of the music and media industries going forward"

>> Popkomm News Release

Jul 28 2005 - Mobile Phone - The next electric guitar?

By Tim Cole, 500 word opinion piece in

>> Text of Opinion Piece

Jul 27 2005 - SSEYO miniMIXA nominated for 2005 Best Software Award

Pocket PC Magazine "Music Composition" category

>> Tao Press

Jul 12 2005 - U-Myx Mobile to be powered by miniMIXA

8 page Music Week article on U-Myx and the upcoming U-Myx Mobile : >> U-Myx website

Jul 07 2005 - SSEYO miniMIXA : 2005 Global Messaging Awards

Best Mobile Messaging Innovation shortlist

>> 160 Chars

June 06 2005 - SSEYO miniMIXA in Renesas SH Mobile News

>> Renesas SH Mobile News Summer Edition

May 09 2005 - SSEYO miniMIXA in T3 "How To" guide

In the June issue, T3 magazine say "miniMIXA++ is probably the best music-making program available for any mobile phone" in their 2 page article on becoming a mobile mixmaster with SSEYO miniMIXA. Thank you T3!

>> T3 Magazine

Mar 07 2005 - Tao wins BAFTA with SSEYO miniMIXA

SSEYO miniMIXA wins second BAFTA award for Tao's audio team.

The top music award at the 2005 Interactive Entertainment BAFTAs held in London on 2nd March has been won by Tao Group for its SSEYO miniMIXA. This is the Company's second BAFTA award win and third nomination at the BAFTAs in the last five years. The Music award is for "the best use of interactivity within the music genre" on DVD, the world-wide web, interactive television or mobile.

Today, Tao has also announced a new partnership. HTC is Tao's first embedded partner for SSEYO miniMIXA. For HTC's customers, SSEYO miniMIXA is available today for pre-installation on HTC's devices.

>> Press Release

Feb 12 2005 - Globe Technology and "Cellphones with Rhythm"

Noah Shachtman's article on SSEYO miniMIXA gets picked up by other media such as Globe Technology, and Contra Times etc.

>> Globe Technology

Jan 27 2005 - New York Times on SSEYO miniMIXA

"With New Music Software, Cellphones May Start to Mix It Up a Little". A wide ranging article on mobile music mixing and SSEYO miniMIXA "Considered the most sophisticated of the mobile music tools..." See full article at the New York Times

>> New York Times

Dec 15 2004 - SSEYO miniMIXA gets in depth review by MSMobileNews

"Making music needn’t be a chore and with SSEYO miniMIXA it isn’t. This software just oozes quality and is a great buy whether you’re a serious music producer who just wants to keep track of new ideas, a bedroom dj who wants to have a play every now and again or an average type of person who just wants to make unique ringtones." See full review at


Dec 14 2004 - SSEYO miniMIXA - unique mobile music mixer available now.

Tao Group releases the much anticipated ground-breaking mobile music mixer.

>> Press Release

Dec 13 2004 - SSEYO miniMIXA ranked #1

In issue 102, SSEYO miniMIXA ranked as the #1 mobile music mixer by Mobile Choice, Britain's #1 Mobile Phone Magazine.

>> Mobile Choice | Mobile Choice Ranking table

Dec 6 2004 - SSEYO miniMIXA nominated for BAFTA

SSEYO miniMIXA named as one of 4 contenders for a 2005 BAFTA Interactive Award in the Music category.

>> BAFTA Website

Sep 12 2004 - SSEYO miniMIXA "Startlingly Good"

"'s startlingly good - and best of all, easy as pie to use." say Mobile Choice.

>> Mobile Choice website

Aug 12 2004 - FutureDJ Event Rocked by Mobile Phone Application

SSEYO miniMIXA on Windows Mobile based Smartphone marks start of exciting new era for mobile music making. The SSEYO miniMIXA audio application for Microsoft Windows Mobile-based devices will make its world debut this weekend as it plays a Futuresonic Sound System dance set at FutureDJ, part of the ISEA2004 arts festival.

>> Press Release

Aug 12 2004 - SSEYO miniMIXA in World-first Mobile DJ Set

A mobile phone music application will take centre stage at the FutureDJ event with a world-first DJ set using the SSEYO miniMIXA. A mobile phone music application will take centre stage at the FutureDJ event with a world-first DJ set using the SSEYO miniMIXA, powered with intent® from Tao Group.

>> Press Release

Feb 27 2004 - Tao Group Audio (APRE) for Sierra Wireless

Tao Group's Advanced Polyphonic Ringtone Engine (APRE), developed by SSEYO, is licensed by Sierra Wireless

>> Press Release

Jan 19 2004 - Vodafone Receiver

Vodafone Receiver article by David Toop includes Tim Cole quotes on Tao iSS and SSEYO Koan. A magazine for mobile thinkers, attracting a wide range of influential writers and industry leaders, Vodafone Receiver is now established as one of the industry's key idea generators.

>> Vodafone Receiver Article