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Current Destination: Academic Programs >> Undergraduate Studies > Tel Aviv University

Tel Aviv University - The Lowy School for Overseas Students

Located in Israel's cultural, financial and industrial heartland, Tel Aviv University is the largest university in Israel and the biggest Jewish university in the world. It is a major center of teaching and research, comprised of nine faculties, 106 departments, and 90 research institutes.

In addition to its basic functions of research and teaching, Tel Aviv University contributes its expertise to the welfare of society at large, plays a part in all aspects of national life, and addresses regional and international issues.

The Lowy School for Overseas Students gives young people from other nations the opportunity to study at Tel Aviv University for a year or a semester. The program is taught in English and includes a wide choice of courses, including a Master's Program in Middle Eastern Studies, Intensive language studies, Environmental Studies and many more. The School offers students an incomparable academic and personal experience they will share with students from all over the world.

What makes Tel Aviv University unique?

Tel Aviv University is Israel's largest university: a dynamic center of learning whose involvement extends into every part of Israel and the Middle East. World-renowned for its academic excellence, TAU draws students from all around the globe to its lively and expanding campus.

In every field and with every objective, Tel Aviv University strives for quality and service of the highest standards. Members of its academic staff have won international recognition and many of them are considered to be world leaders in their field of research. The best students in Israel seek to gain an education and a profession at TAU and to enjoy the free and lively atmosphere of the University and the city of Tel Aviv.

The Lowy School for Overseas Students offers undergraduate programs for university students seeking to spend a summer, semester or year studying in a dynamic environment that offers as many academic challenges as it does social rewards. AU also provides various graduate programs in English.

In addition to the academics, overseas student can enjoy monthly excursions and seminars desgned to expose students "the real Israel" beyond the walls of the classroom. Students live in comfortable student housing on the modern campus. Entertain venues such as the major shopping malls and the beautiful Tel Aviv beach are just moments away.

Facts about Tel Aviv University:

  • TAU is the largest university in Israel
  • TAU is the biggest Jewish university in the world
  • The Lowy School for Overseas Students has been in existence since the early 1970's
  • 100's of international students are offered the highest level of education every year
  • Wide range of undergraduate and graduate courses available
Summary of Benefits

  • Fully accredited courses are taught in English by renown experts
  • Active social life on campus with on campus housing
  • Seminars on various subjects offered
  • Guided excursions throughout Israel
  • Mediterranean is readily accessible
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