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Which theologian are you?
Author : svensvensven
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1 Man cannot pay the debt we owe to God, God has to pay it for us Disagree        Agree
2 We can only understand God by looking at humanity Disagree        Agree
3 Liberal theology is nothing but man's self-glorification Disagree        Agree
4 Christ descended into hell between Gethsemane and his resurrection Disagree        Agree
5 The Bible is not a central aspect of systematic theology Disagree        Agree
6 Sin is an infinite offence against an infinitely Holy God and so requires infinite punishment Disagree        Agree
7 God's sovereignty is supremely important in theological discussion Disagree        Agree
8 Man's main sin is failing to give to God the obedience that we owe him Disagree        Agree
9 All Christian theology must begin with the revelation of Christ Disagree        Agree
10 Justification by faith alone is the heart of the Gospel Disagree        Agree
11 God loves the sinner, but hates the sin Disagree        Agree
12 The best way of expressing our love and unity with God is by music Disagree        Agree
13 Sin is a biblical way of expressing our alienation from God, the true source of our being Disagree        Agree
14 Theology unites all the other academic disciplines and is the most important one Disagree        Agree
15 Man is depraved and cannot freely respond to God Disagree        Agree
16 Christ's obedience makes satisfaction for our sins Disagree        Agree
17 The Church should be involved political and social liberation Disagree        Agree
18 A God who cannot suffer is poorer than any human being Disagree        Agree
19 Revelation is infinitely more important than experience Disagree        Agree
20 It is necessary that the ugliness of sinners be balanced out by the moral beauty of the saints Disagree        Agree
21 God does not exist. Rather, he is the ground of our being. Disagree        Agree
22 The papacy is a tool of the devil Disagree        Agree
23 No one can be saved except by the exercise of their free will Disagree        Agree
24 Holy Spirit revival is what the world needs Disagree        Agree
25 God's existence is evident by the sense of sheer dependence that we have on him Disagree        Agree
26 Sinners will be tormented in a literal lake of burning fire forever and ever Disagree        Agree
27 Eschatology should occupy the main place in Christian theology Disagree        Agree
28 Infant baptism is necessary to deal with original sin Disagree        Agree
29 When Jesus said his blood was spilled for 'many', he meant 'all' Disagree        Agree
30 Good preaching is more important than good theology Disagree        Agree

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