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This page is TkZinc's portal with many links to different topics

To know WhatIsZinc

To download TkZinc sources and binaries. Latest release: 3.3.3 (April 1st 2006). Binary package still be be build and uploaded!

You should have a look at the screenshots

If you are a developper, you may be interested in subscribing to TkZinc MailingList. You should check the documentation, the mailing list archives, the FAQ, the changelog.

To report bugs, use the Bugzilla at

To browse the CVS database with viewCVS, go to

To get TkZinc sources in the CVS database read the HowToGetTkZincSources.

You may be interested by providing or reading PiecesOfCode, look at the list of KnownBugs (obsolete, please browse the Bugzilla) and read or complete the WishList.

If you want to modify this wiki, please proceed and use the password 'tkzincdotorg' to edit it. (this password offers some protection against wiki spamming by bots)

Finally this is an incomplete list of ConfigurationKnownToWork.

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