Friday, January 8, 1999 - 16:50 CST
Blood Flows Again in Official Add-On

Reported by: David Laprad

Proving that the second cut is the deepest, Monolith is preparing to unleash an internally developed add-on to Blood 2. Developer Brian Goble has said the add-on will be completed as soon as next month, though no release date has been nailed down by publisher GT Interactive.

According to Lead Designer Jay "Shade" Wilson, there is no official title yet, though the story involves each of the four Chosen living out their worst nightmares. The level themes are more tongue-in-chops, with plenty of horror references and maps reminiscent of the original game. Some of the hellish locales are a sorority house, a haunted mansion and a western ghost town. We can almost hear Caleb intoning, "Hang 'em high!"

"In a lot of ways, we want the add-on to recall the feeling of Blood, as opposed to Blood 2," Shade enthused.

There will be three new creatures, including one boss, and the return of the robed cultist, something sorely missing in the sequel. Gamers will once again panic when they hear those classic chants, "Peroshay cruo! Prostragaranar malachtose!"

The arsenal will include two new weapons, including the Flayer and the combat auto-shotgun. New dialogue is being recorded for the Chosen, and gamers will play a different character on each level. Shade also said there will be as many deathmatch levels as solo maps, though the final number has not yet been determined.

Shade also mentioned the obligatory "much, much more." To that, we rejoice and cry "Peroshay, bebachs malach!" Now munch on some screenshots.

Blood 2 add-on Screenshot

Blood 2 add-on Screenshot

Blood 2 add-on Screenshot

Blood 2 add-on Screenshot

Blood 2 add-on Screenshot

Blood 2 add-on Screenshot

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