English mood masters hit their peak (and valley).

Muse - Black Holes And Revelations
Posted by Tim Karan on 08-Sep-06 @ 01:26 PM

[5/5] After spending years trying to shake the Radiohead comparisons that dogged them from their 1999 debut, Showbiz, Muse prove with Black Holes And Revelations that they have at least one major thing in common with Thom Yorke & Co.: self-reinvention. "Take A Bow" features pulsating electro beats with overtones of apocalyptic doom, while the album's first single, "Supermassive Black Hole," is a glossy piece of funk-glam with singer Matt Bellamy exhibiting a seductive falsetto. What comes after these opening tracks is at once familiar-anguished shrieks, Phantom Of The Opera-dramatic piano, buzzing-beehive riffs-and astoundingly, beautifully different. Tango-worthy strings leap through "City Of Delusion"; the ornate "Soldier's Poem" out-ballads Rufus Wainwright; and "Map Of The Problematique" is a prog-goth industrial stomp even HIM fans can love. But Revelations is Muse's best work yet primarily because of the fluid balance it keeps between excess and restraint: For every dizzying crescendo, there's a delicate, serene come-down. (WARNER BROS.) Annie Zaleski