Japanese 95: The Result

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Race Resume:

Weather: wet track but not raining

Lap       Event
0    Moreno does not start
Everyone starts OK - all on wet tyres
0    Jump starts by Alesi, Berger
Order: Schumacher, Hakkinen, Hill
4    Alesi in pits for 10s stop-and-go
6    Fastest lap - Schumacher - 1m 59.442s
7    Alesi in pits for slick tyres (7.5s)
Order: Schumacher, Hakkinen, Hill
8    Herbert in pits for slicks/fuel
     Hill in pits for slicks/fuel (8.2s)
     Berger in pits for slicks/fuel
9    Fastest lap - Alesi - 1m 54.416s
10   Schumacher in pits for slicks/fuel
     Fastest lap - Alesi - 1m 51.404s
Order: Schumacher, Hakkinen, Irvine, Coulthard, Hill, Alesi
     Coulthard in pits for slicks/fuel (8.6s)
     Alesi passes Hill
     Hakkinen in pits (6.5s)
     Irvine in pits (8.6s)
12   Fastest lap - Alesi - 1m 49.628s
Order: Schumacher, Alesi, Hill, Hakkinen, Irvine, Coulthard
13   Fastest lap - Alesi - 1m 49.582s
     Coulthard passes Irvine
15   Barrichello spins off into wall while trying to out brake Irvine
     Berger into pits and retires
17   Fastest lap - Alesi - 1m 47.090s
18   Schumacher (1) -> 0.677s -> Alesi (2)
20   Fastest lap - Schumacher
Order: Schumacher, Alesi, Hill, Hakkinen, Coulthard, Irvine
     Frentzen hits Irvine while trying to get past
     Frentzen in pits for new nose (21.9s)
21   Schumacher (1) -> 2.057s -> Alesi (2)
     Fastest lap - Coulthard - 1m 44.941s
22   Fastest lap - Alesi - 1m 44.552s
24   Fastest lap - Schumacher - 1m 43.659s
     Schumacher (1) -> 2.882s -> Alesi (2)
     Alesi retires with a blown engine
26   Order: Schumacher, Hill, Hakkinen, Coulthard, Irvine, Herbert
     Irvine, Herbert in pits for tyres/fuel
     Hill (2) -> 5.989s -> Hakkinen (3)
27   Fastest lap - Hakkinen - 1m 43.395s
     Hakkinen in pits for tyres/fuel
29   Schumacher (1) -> 18.929s -> Hill (2)
Order: Schumacher, Hill, Coulthard, Hakkinen, Herbert, Irvine
30   Fastest lap - Coulthard - 1m 43.102s
     Hill (2) -> 11.632s -> Coulthard (3)
31   Schumacher in pits (12.1s) - out into 2nd place
     Hill (1) -> 10.49s -> Schumacher (2)
33   Fastest lap - Schumacher - 1m 42.976s
     Coulthard in pits (11.5s)
34   Hill in pits (10.5s) - out into 2nd place
Order: Schumacher, Hill, Coulthard, Hakkinen, Herbert, Irvine
     Schumacher (1) -> 13.603s -> Hill (2)
37   Hill goes off across the gravel on a big off road trip
     - rejoins the track in 4th place
     Hill in pits to change nose (22.1s)
     Irvine in pits
38   Blundell does same off road trip as Hill and rejoins track
Order: Schumacher, Coulthard, Hakkinen, Herbert, Hill, Frentzen
     Schumacher (1) -> 28.205s -> Coulthard (2)
     Coulthard (2) -> 4.650s -> Hakkinen (3)
39   Coulthard does same off road trip as Hill
     Coulthard off into tyres two corners later
     (as he braked you could see the gravel come out of his
     side pods and straight under his wheels)
     Frentzen does same off road trip
     Hill gets a 10s pit lane speeding fine
     Schumacher (1) -> 34.168s -> Hakkinen (2)
40   Frentzen in pits for 3rd nose of the race
     (unfortunately he has to wait as Wendlinger is in for tyres)
41   Hill off into gravel at the same place again - this time he is stuck
     Irvine off at the same place but rejoins the track
     [This popular place is Spoon corner and it seems to be raining in
     that area]
43   Order: Schumacher, Hakkinen, Herbert, Irvine, Panis, Salo
     Schumacher (1) -> 26.346s -> Hakkinen (2)
     Hakkinen (2) -> 52.550s -> Herbert (3)
53   Schumacher wins and confirms the Constructors Title for Benetton

Track Times:

Pos   Driver         Team                 Race Time
 1  M.Schumacher    Benetton             1hr 36m 52.930s (Pole Position)(Fastest Race Lap: 1m 42.976s)
 2  M.Hakkinen      McLaren              Gap  0m 19.337s 
 3  J.Herbert       Benetton             Gap  1m 23.804s 
 4  E.Irvine        Jordan               Gap  1m 42.136s 
 5  O.Panis         Ligier                Laps behind:  1
 6  M.Salo          Tyrrell               Laps behind:  1
 7  M.Blundell      McLaren               Laps behind:  1
 8  H.Frentzen      Sauber                Laps behind:  1
 9  L.Badoer        Minardi               Laps behind:  2
10  K.Wendlinger    Sauber                Laps behind:  2
11  P.Lamy          Minardi               Laps behind:  2
12  T.Inoue         Footwork              Laps behind:  2


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