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May Book Reviews 

By Paul W. Faust


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Mountain Ranges of Colorado
by John Fielder

Mountain Ranges of Colorado is one of the finest picture books I have seen in years. It is also the largest, and heaviest book I have ever looked at. (You could press clothes with this one) At 13.5x12.5 inches, the images in it are almost 9x11 inches and those are not even the largest ones. Many images are printed in full two-page spreads which measure 10x23.5 inches, and there are so many of them that I lost count half way through the book. The areas of the Colorado Mountains presented are divided into sections, with a state map in the front that includes a transparent overlay of the chapters shown. This hard cover book is also one of the best bound books I’ve seen and I can only say that you have to see and hold it to believe it.  The book has 232 pages with some of the best mountain & scenic images you can find, and they are reproduced as close to an actual photograph as you can get. The retail price is US$75.00, but I would not sell my copy for twice that much. It is published by Westcliffe Publishers and can be ordered at  www.westcliffepublishers.com       I Rate it:  A+++


Images In Stone
by David Muench

Images In Stone is a collection of North American petroglyphs by David Muench, who many recognize as one of the best landscape photographers in the world.  This 12x12 inch hard back book holds a collection of images that most will never get the fortune to see. Everyone has seen pictures of these wall paintings, but few have seen such a collection of them in one group, and VERY FEW people have been able to locate and photograph this many. This is not only a beautiful picture book that anyone who respects our land would love to have, but you can be sure that it will be used for centuries in major libraries worldwide as a reference source. This book has 198 color images on 192 pages, and incredibly it retails for only US$49.95. Do you know a photographer who you’d like to make your best friend? Give them a copy of this book!  It is published by BrownTrout Publishers, and can be ordered at: www.browntrout.com  
I Rate it: A+++

An Evening with Marilyn,
by Douglas Kirkland

This book is a great addition to any photo library collection. It covers one of the most talked about photo shoots ever done. An entire evening spent photographing the Hollywood goddess who is probably the best-known person who has ever lived. Marilyn Monroe was pure woman and pure child, and one who absolutely loved being in front of a camera. This book takes you through that evening, almost moment-by-moment and not only tells about a photo session, but also the person that Marilyn was. The book is a 7x8 inch hard back with 127 pages, and retails for only US$16.95. Marilyn fans will buy this book out real soon, so I’d say to get it while you can. You won’t be sorry!!!   It is published by Welcome Books and can be ordered at:  www.welcomebooks.com         I Rate it:  A++

In My Mind’s Eye, Seeing in Black and White,
by Charlie Waite

Waite's new book is a very refreshing change in a photo book. It is cover-to-cover excellent black and white images, mostly from Europe and Africa, and printed like good B&W should be done. Charlie may not be as well known in America, but that is not a reflection on his images. The image on the cover will give you a good idea of quality of his work. Some images, like the desert ones, I like a lot more than others, but that is only a personal preference. They all make for a very good picture book that would be a great addition to any photo library. This hardback book is 11x11, 131 pages, and retails for US$40.00. It is published in England by The Guild of Master Craftsman Publications and distributed in the US by Sterling Publishing. You can check it out at:  http://www.sterlingpub.com      
I Rate it:  A++




Advanced Digital Camera Techniques,
by Jack & Sue Drafahl

Advanced Digital Camera Techniques is a good new book for doing what you used to do with a film camera, but now with a digital. It covers all of the normal camera techniques, plus what you now need to know to do it digitally. Although a lot of it covers what is in most good photo how-to books, this also has some good tips for the new ago of photography, and there are some things that you can’t do the same way as before. The book is a soft cover, 8.5x11 inches, with 123 pages, and retails for US$29.95.       
I Rate it: A

Black & White Nude Photography, by Stan Trampe

Here is another Amherst Media book, which covers all aspects of shooting nude models. No matter if you are working indoors or outside, day or night, you will find this book full of information on how to create great nude images. The how-to info in it is very easy to follow and understand. This soft cover book is 8.5x11 inches, has 109 pages, and retails for US$24.95.        I Rate it: A

Both of these two books are published by Amherst Media and can be ordered at:  www.amherstmedia.com


Successful GLAMOUR Photography,
by Duncan Evans & John Kelly

Successful GLAMOUR Photography is a guide to professional techniques for film and digital photography. This soft cover book is fully illustrated with posing and lighting diagrams for just about every studio and location set up you will ever need to use for your own glamour and nude work. Each illustration is also captioned with plenty of info on how it was shot. This is a pure how-to reference book from cover to cover, and is almost 9x12 inches, with 160 pages, and retails for US$24.95. It is published by AMPHOTO BOOKS, which means top quality. Check it out at:  www.watsonguptill.com         
I Rate it: A+



Along the Blue Ridge Parkway,
by George Humphries

Along the Blue Ridge Parkway
is a beautiful book of photos by George Humphries, with essays by Harley E. Jolley. It is a collection of some of the most beautiful areas along the parkway, and information on where those areas can be found to do your own masterpieces. The cover will show you exactly what I mean and why this is one of the most visited areas of the US.  This is more of an inspirational and location reference book, than it is any kind of a how-to one, but if you don’t know where to find great locations like these, then you have less chance of making these kinds of images that this area is known for. The images are great and produced with top quality printing. It is a soft cover book, 8.5x11 inches, 80 pages, and retails for just US$19.95.  It is published by Westcliffe Publishers and can be ordered at:  www.westcliffepublishers.com
I Rate it:  A++


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