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Standards: Section 2: Pinball Print E-mail
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1 All video game cabinets shall include two wheels mounted into the rear bottom of the cabinet in order to make it easier to back the game against the wall. 9/03
2 Fluorescent video game header lamps should be F-15 T8 15 Watt. Miniature lamps shall be, whenever possible, single-contact 14v bayonet base or 6.3v bayonet wedge base. 5/87
Revised 3/92
Revised 9/03
3 Action buttons, including fire, start and playing action, shall mount in a 1.187 inch diameter hole. 5/87
4 Joysticks shall have mounting dimensions as shown in Appendix A. 5/87
5 All games using manual dip switch settings shall be labeled on a chart provided with the equipment or kit or indicated with self-explanation in the software. All games shall have a free play setting with this switch setting properly marked. 11/87
Revised 5/88
Revised 9/03
6 Gun games that do not have fixed mounted guns shall have safety chains or reinforced armored cables to prevent the guns from being ripped off the cabinet and of a length to prevent the guns from striking the floor. 9/03
7 All video games shall have a handle or handgrip to assist in easy loading of the game onto a two-wheel dolly. 11/86
8 Any game using an edge connector shall use the JAMMA plug and wiring configuration for 1 and 2 player games and the AAMA 3 and 4 Player Extension for 3 and 4 Player games. See Appendix D for details. 5/88
Revised 3/92
Revised 9/03
9 For location service, pinballs should utilize the standardized bookkeeping procedure with the same sequence of functions enabling owner/operator easy access and recall of the format for calling up pinball bookkeeping. The first three pinball bookkeeping functions shall be in order as follows:
  1. Total Coin Meter Resetable-Accumulative
  2. Percentage of Replays
  3. Play time per ball.
Revised 5/87
Revised 9/03
10 All video games shall provide in the software for:
  1. Retention of game play data:
    1. Average time per play
    2. Coins in since last clear
    3. Total coins in
    4. Histograms
    5. Average time between plays
    6. % of time played
  2. Review of dip-switch settings
  3. Switch settings
  4. Adjustable (CMOS) settings and the ability to adjust these settings
  5. Monitor test pattern
  6. Volume control through software
  7. Indicator alert of switch problems
11 All video games shall allocate a portion of the screen during the attract mode to continuously display an AMOA/AAMA Industry approved parental guidance ratings icon. This icon shall be a minimum of 4% and a maximum of 7% of the vertical and horizontal screen dimensions. 9/94
12 Where necessary, violence, sexual content and explicit language levels shall be programmable either through a dipswitch or other software settings, according to an AMOA/AAMA industry approved parental guidance ratings criteria. 9/94
13 All marquees and monitor covers shall be made of Plexiglas, lexan or tempered safety glass and be a minimum thickness of 3/16 inch. 3/93
14 Each pinball manufacturer shall supply, as an option, a harness for the direct hook-up of a bill acceptor. 5/90
15 To reduce CRT phosphor burn, each software manufacturer shall, where economically feasible, devise a method to slightly move the images around the monitor or blank out these images. 5/90
Revised 10/90
16 All control panel overlays for conversion kits shall have a minimum width of 30?. All video game marquees (headers) for conversion kits shall be a minimum of 26? length by 9? width. All printing and lettering shall be kept centered within 23? by 6 ½ inches. 3/91
Revised 9/03
17 All standard DC switching power supplies shall have two separate standard snap and lock connectors (Moles connector or equivalent)
  1. Output connector will be a 3x3 90-pin snap and lock (keyed); pins 1,2, and 3 are +5 Volts; Pins 4,5,and 6 are ground: Pin 7 is –5 Volts; Pin 8 is +12 Volts Pin 9 is a spare.
  2. AC impact connector will be a 3-pin snap and lock (keyed) Pin 1 – Line; Pin 2 – Ground; Pin 3 – Neutral.
Revised 11/88
18 Trackball Specifications:
  1. 3? Trackball assemblies will be designed such that they can be mounted to a video game control panel using four standard 3-1/2? carriage bolts spaced at 3-1/8?. See appendix C.
  2. 2-1/4? Trackball assemblies will be designed such that they can be mounted to a video game control panel using four standard 2-3/4? carriage bolts spaced at 2-1/2?. See appendix C.
  3. All trackballs will have wires extending at least 4? from the trackball housing and terminated in one 6-pin plastic connector (Molex #03-0902062 or equivalent with the following pinout:
    1. Ground
    2. +5 Volt
    3. Horizontal Phase 1 (Direction)
    4. Horizontal Phase 2 (Clock)
    5. Vertical Phase 1 (Direction)
    6. Vertical Phase 2 (Clock)
The outputs (3-6) must be capable of driving at least two standard TTL parts.
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