Wayne  Gladstone
lives in New York with his wife and two children. When he is not helping "the man" oppress the weak and naive, he enjoys crafting fiction that nice people don't like. His work has been rejected by some of the finest literary magazines in the Nation.

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Themes for Fiction Welcomed by the New Yorker
by Wayne Gladstone

1. Autumn (especially in the Northeast);

2. The seemingly mundane lives of rich people suddenly becoming less mundane when nothing happens;

3. Translated Stories from a troubled region with a large immigrant enclave in Queens;

4. Very, very, small towns in Wyoming and the roads that surround them;

5. Prep school is hard when your dad's dead;

6. The sublimation of emotion via the cooking of delicious foods;

7. Stories featuring the startling placement of the word "uxorious";

8. When impossibly innocent children commit intolerably evil acts;

9. Mysteries where "who done it" isn't germane, because, in the end, we all did it, didn't we?;

10. Coming to terms with betrayal through the detailed observation of oblique, jejune details;

11. How mothers in third world countries are just like us, yet different in a way we will never really understand;

12. Whatever might be kicking around Joyce Carol Oates's hard drive;

13. The smell and exact consistency of New York City sidewalks;

14. Getting drunk and getting laid (special 50th anniversary of *On The Road* issue); and

15. Anything involving Brooklyn, which we pity and secretly loath.

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