Success for LPG Users at Green Fleet Awards
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Success for LPG Users at Green Fleet Awards

September 2005

The 2005 EST Green Fleet Awards 2005 at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre on September 22nd, recognised achievements in green fuels and alternative transport technologies. Hosted by Southwark Council, and supported by the Energy Saving Trust, the awards revealed which organisations are making the most of existing technologies and fuels in order to reduce emissions from their fleet vehicles.  Entrants from across the UK private and public sector were shortlisted for awards with the following receiving the top accolade in their category:

EST Best Practice award - Public Sector - Royal Parks

With an annual budget of £24 million, the Royal Parks are responsible for 5000 acres of parkland, 32 miles of road, 280 buildings, statues and memorials, 49 miles of boundary walls and fencing, 21 lakes and ponds and 155 offices.

The Royal Parks negotiated a contract for the installation of LPG fuel bunkers and the supply of fuel in four of the parks under its remit. With easy access and low cost fuel on site, its contractors were persuaded to convert to LPG, and each new contract awarded by the Royal Parks requires the contractor to use green fuel. The contractors assist in the green transport fleet policy not only by their choice of fuel, but also by saving the many journeys that would be required to refuel their Vehicles at local garages. There are currently over 100 vehicles using LPG with the Parks.

London Local authority award - Southwark Council

Presented for its environmentally friendly fleet. The council were one of the first to invest in alternative fuels and have 70% of their fleet of 350 vehicles running on LPG.

Public Sector Fleet of the Year - Swansea Council

The fact that Swansea is a coastal city, and does not suffer from poor air quality, has not weakened its resolve to make improvements for residents and visitors. During the entry period alone, Swansea has introduced 11 dual fuel (LPG/Petrol) vans. Vehicle tracking devices fitted to over 100 of Swansea’s fleet have resulted in lower journey miles. Operational changes, alternative fuel sources, new vehicles and conversions and even the introduction of low rolling resistance tyres have combined to make Swansea Council stand out in this category.

Private Sector Fleet of the year - Clear Channel UK

Commercial pressures, in particular a desire from Local Authorities that contractors should be ‘greener’, led Clear Channel to start implementing alternative fuels in 1998. The nature of its business means that equipment, including billboards, bus shelters and freestanding advertising units, is located in or around City/Town centres and alongside major roads.

The process to move Clear Channels’s entire fleet of vans over to bi-fuel began in 2000. Today, it operates 335 bi-fuel vans. The 47 light diesel commercial vehicles it operates are in the process of being changed to run on LPG, with the car fleet featuring some 45 LPG models.

Clear Channel’s current fleet average use of LPG is 83% with some branches achieving as high as 93%. In June 2005, the company used over 100,000 litres of LPG and only 21,000 litres of petrol.

Fleet Manager of the year award - John Webb - HM Revenue and Customs

The National Fleet Management Unit at HM Revenue and Customs is responsible for a core fleet of 2400 vehicles of all shapes and sizes, spread throughout the country. 11,000 authorised drivers travel more than 30 million miles in them each year.

He has been a pioneer in developing best fleet practices in all areas of operation and includes over 184 alternatively fuelled vehicles (most of which are LPG) in the fleet.

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