Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

        7 Oc, 18 Kumku, 13 Eb        

Greetings, dear Hearts! We return once again to tell you more about what is happening on your world and in your reality. The slow but deliberate march of our Earth allies is still moving forward. As we speak, the last steps of this journey are falling into place. Many truly wondrous events are about to befall all of you. Rejoice in the fact that the dark has been quite unable to prevent this relentless surge toward victory. Let us be clear here: the dark and its stooges in the last cabal tried on numerous occasions to forestall what is now to happen. And we therefore extend our thanks and our admiration to the motley group who so bravely persisted in this endeavor and who have, with such courage, achieved a great triumph over the dark. This work is just the start of an adventure to restore your beautiful world and transform the quite unnecessary strife, hatred, and poverty that are currently so prevalent in your global society. The new transitional governments that are to pop up all over your world will spearhead these efforts. Very soon thereafter, the many resources that we bring you will support and extend their programs.

      As we mentioned before, we intend to bring you alternate forms of energy. Your present systems rely too much on resources that either harm Mother Earth or greatly pollute your environment. The length of time that you have been constrained to use these primitive energy resources has adversely affected your health and greatly compounded the harm done to Mother Earth. For far too long your society has regarded your world as a brutal adversary that must be tamed, and this belief has undermined the very nature of your technology. Your Mother wants to nurture you and establish a natural, loving symbiosis. The so-called primitive or aboriginal people of your world have given you many wise tidbits of intimate knowledge about this natural relationship. What they did not address was how to realign your technology. One aspect of our mission with you is to give you the parts that are missing and demonstrate, via direct application, how this greatly advanced technology can create and sustain a loving symbiosis with Mother Earth.

      Your whole society needs to learn how this natural, intimate association between you and Mother Earth functions. You reside in a society filled with inventions based upon concepts that are deeply harmful to life. Like you, Mother Earth possesses infinite Life force. This energy can become the weft and warp of your technology. Over a century ago, a great scientist and inventor named Nicola Tesla discovered this natural principle. He comprehended that electricity and magnetism are complementary parts of a greater whole and that the electricity utilized by humanity was a harsh, primitive version of a much more elegant unity. This premise was ignored by your science, and the principles and devices created by Tesla confiscated by the "powers that be". This public dismissal of his work did not prevent them from using Tesla's discoveries to produce many amazing devices for use in their secret arsenals. The time has come to reveal this technology to the public and to fully explain the implications of these insights given to Tesla by the Creator.

      If you look at your present electromagnetic spectrum, you will notice that it addresses only those phenomena pertaining to your 3D reality. In truth, this spectrum is multi-dimensional in nature and extends into the vastness that is physicality. Many inventors of "free" or "zero point" energy devices have observed that this interdimensional electromagnetism only barely resembles that which is known to your scientists. It is this energy that eventually evolves into the sacred Life/Light energy of Heaven used by us. We employ this energy to power our ships, enliven our technology, and care for the myriad solar systems we so lovingly inhabit. You reside in a living, conscious, infinite Universe in which each part is interlinked via this Life force energy. It possesses divine "memory", which is a code imbued into every living thing by the Creator. When required, this code is activated, and divine "magic" instantly materializes.

      This revolutionary approach to technology is one we can easily teach you. It can birth a much needed paradigm shift that in turn can allow you to integrate the new philosophies we bring. Technology, far from inducing a society's downfall, provides a tool designed to advance a society in consciousness, and to sustain and support the natural symbiosis between its home world and the surrounding solar system. For millennia, you advanced via progressively more liberating technologies, absorbing the higher consciousness they reflected. Your former masters planned this process with great caution. They quite rightly feared that the changes provoked by new technology would lead you away from their influence over your life. The electronic world you presently inhabit was carefully sculptured to divert you while still maintaining control over you. And yet the powerful nature of even this primitive form of electronics has doomed their dominion over you!

      The nature of life is electric, magnetic, and above all is a form of Light. Divine Light contains every infinite vibration, including the entire range of sound both within and outside of human hearing. These create patterns that imitate life in all its endless forms. The Universe is awesomely alive: huge amounts of this divine energy are continuously bombarding every reality. Yet, to use it properly, one needs to know how this energy flows within and between realities, and this is what was taught to Tesla. He understood that energy has a life rhythm that has sympathetic vibrations running parallel and perpendicular to it. These help one to maintain these "pure" energy rhythms, or conversely, as in the case of your world, to disrupt them to prevent them being employed in technology that has an aggressive agenda.

      Our technology combines many of the same principles that are used in numerous craft secretly employed by your major governments. The difference is that we have been at this game much longer than they know. The technology we intend to give you is over 25 million years old. We are doing this only because you are on the verge of leaping back into your natural state of fully conscious Beings of Light. By and large, primitive societies such as yours are unable to correctly apply this technology and soon consume themselves. In your case, you are now rapidly evolving into Beings whose knowledge and wisdom comprehends the concepts behind this technology. You will therefore without doubt use it in a manner that enriches your society and sustains the natural symbiosis between yourselves and physicality. This is the prime reason why we have come and why a first contact is now so essential.

      First contact, as you can see, has so very many intertwining reasons for happening. We know fully how vital your transformation is. In addition, we recognize how the divine workings of Heaven have moved you to a place where your inner changes have actually been bolstered by the new electronic devices so cautiously extended by your secret masters. The genius of what is now occurring is that Heaven meticulously orchestrated this electronic "Trojan Horse" scenario to coincide with the decrees of the divine plan. We have added our assistance to help our Earth allies to finish off this most effective and magnificent design. You now stand prepared to receive what Heaven and the Divine are currently manifesting. This glorious plan is now ready to have us formally introduce ourselves to you. We intend to help all to have a most joyous and ecstatic time doing so!

      Today, we discussed what is happening on your world and delved briefly into the operation of our conscious, living Universe. The infinite energy we described is to be the source of your new technology. With it, you can begin to establish the symbiosis that advanced societies naturally set up between themselves and the worlds they graciously inhabit. Remember, a great Joy is about to envelop you! We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven is indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

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