Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

       8 Chicchan, 18 Chen, 12 Manik        

Selamat Jarin! We come before you, dear Hearts, with more to tell you! Right now, you are in the midst of great changes that are preparing to manifest before you. These changes are based upon a number of situations that are fluid but that are shifting in a positive direction. As we have mentioned before, Mother Earth's condition is equally fluid, but she is nonetheless determined to proceed with those surface alterations necessary for her shift into full consciousness. This can render the surface of your world even more open to the possibility for great natural catastrophes. This is why we constantly monitor Mother Earth's condition. We do this to assure that a number of these enormous, geological events do not happen before your inner perceptual shift is completed. This responsibility of ours is 'balanced' by observing the secret political and financial happenings on your world and the continuing war between the various branches of the illuminoid conspiracy. This secret conflict is now reaching a fated denouement.

      The Anunnaki ruled over your world for nearly 13 millennia. Your ancient world history is replete with many groups of 'mythical' gods and goddesses; however, these in fact were factions of one large group-the Anunnaki. They created many different cultures on your world and ruled them by encouraging division and conflict. Limited resources and a constant potential for war promoted the growth of a warrior ruling class, which was assisted in its domination by a priest/priestess healer caste. Together they held the reins of spiritual and secular authority. Naturally the Anunnaki made these cliques their official representatives on Earth. Yet, they also forged another group part human and part Anunnaki. These were destined to be the true-but secret-holders of the flame. As the earthly overseers for the Anunnaki, these hybrids eventually infiltrated the ruling classes of many societies and came to see themselves as the trustees of continued, Anunnaki, earthly dominion.

      The Anunnaki promoted interaction between these many secret groups with two purposes in mind: first, they needed to establish a covert intelligence system in the various groups to prevent the spread of certain 'heresies' that were rampant in the post-Atlantian, antediluvian world. The Ascended Masters and their Sirian Galactic Federation allies seeded these spiritual and philosophical heresies and nearly succeeded in overthrowing the Anunnaki's earthly mandate. This situation was not to be allowed to re-occur which is why this group of invisible shock troops was created. To ensure the loyalty of these troops, a system of reward and punishment was set up to keep them willing to carry out their master's every command. Over the millennia, these secret groups became loyal, wealthy, and powerful. Even though the groups' membership changed, their mission was unswerving-to serve their dark masters.

      A second reason for allowing this interaction was to enable the ruling council of the Anunnaki to maintain control over its loose confederation of rebels and unruly half-breeds by observing how these cliques developed their assigned earthly groups. Rebellion against the ruling council was not unknown and, to protect themselves, it was considered advisable to place 'moles' within the heart of these earthly groups. In these realms of secrecy and treachery and constantly smoldering conspiracies, the families constituting these secret groups developed a very warped and dark concept of reality. They learned to be highly distrustful of each other on one level, and yet cooperative on another. This led to shifting alliances between groups and even a growing distrust of their off-world masters. Many millennia before the present, a secret rebellion was starting to brew in many of these secret, earthly groups.

      The illuminoids possess a long history of covertly controlling your world's resources and power. The sudden change of allegiance by their off-world masters to the cause of the Galactic Federation in the mid-1990s caused this smoldering rebellion to manifest. The many factions within these groups went to war with each other and the ensuing shakeout rapidly resulted in new, and far fewer, alliances. This is when the Galactic Federation felt able to intervene in a more direct manner, closely supervised by your Ascended Masters. Divine direction has been our constant guide from the start. The Anunnaki were kept from interfering with their former, earthly operatives until the conflicts reached a resolution. Then, they were permitted to address the remaining, new factions and help some of them to come to a positive decision to help the Light.

      These interactions quickly led to the oft-mentioned Agreements of 1998 and its proposals to change radically how wealth is distributed and governance is carried out upon your world. These amazing developments are to be the final transition between the world you now know, and the world presently growing before your rapidly awakening perception. The only questions remaining are now long this transition is to last and when to implement it. The decisions of Heaven and the actions of your last, dark cabal have been the determining factors in these crucial questions. Your present, worldly reality is rapidly collapsing and its ability to sustain itself is being diminished by the twin factors of increasing Earth changes and the growing, global consciousness shift.

      This brings us back to what is presently happening on your world. As noted, the illuminoids are composed of powerful factions that live in a very warped and dark reality. Long ago but alongside these, the Light set up its own secret groups whose purpose was to learn about your real, world history and the true spiritual conceptions that form the core of every reality. These groups were encouraged to simply remain clandestine and/or to infiltrate certain, public organizations as well as many of these dark, secret illuminoid cells. It is these intrepid individuals and groups who have currently helped us to move many of these crucial, dark factions toward the Light. This has allowed us to be confidant that what was formerly thought to be impossible is indeed now very close to happening-the formal proclamation of your freedom and your innate sovereignty.

      Our task is to supervise these exciting developments and to inform you that these events are close to happening. Heaven is in charge of setting these timings. When directed to do so, we can move personnel and our fleet's ships to where they are needed. We now ask you, in this crucial time, to remain focused on your victory and fully committed to what needs to be done. Stay positive and do not be afraid to express your beliefs to others. As you do this, show them how they can learn for themselves what is truly going on. Use your considerable talents to keep your immediate environment positive and peaceful; this helps our divine cause enormously. Remember that your reality is changing rapidly and ever-increasing numbers are now questioning conventional beliefs and even what they are hearing in the media. Help them on their journey of awakening. Together We are Victorious!

      Today, we discussed more of what is happening on your world. We also gave you a very brief background on the illuminoids who are now in the last stage of a very important conflict. Its outcome will favor the divine plan and assure your inevitable victory. Therefore, stay calm, focused, and committed to your victory! We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and the infinite Prosperity of Heaven is indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! Be Blessed in Love and in Joy!)

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