Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

        4 Caban, 5 Ceh, 13 Eb        

Selamat Jarin! We return, dear Hearts, with more to discuss with you! As your realm moves toward transformation, the many realities and dimensions associated with it reflect the same degree of change. This ascension process, as many of you call it, is a very complex operation. Physical creation is composed of numerous levels, subsets, and adaptations. This plethora of events, environments, and energies are brought together in a most precise manner and provide you with a nearly infinite number of choices. All these possibilities are open to you before you initiate another physical lifetime. From this vast smorgasbord, your heavenly guardians and your True Self select the conditions you need. Thus, each lifetime is carefully orchestrated. The possibilities for each lifetime are gone over in detail. A large number of decisions are made and crucial moments of choice are chosen. The reasoning behind these decisions is to create a scenario that allows you to fulfill your purpose for that lifetime and that also adds to the collective goals of your reality. Therefore, the keepers of a reality carefully screen all who are born into it.

      Realities are linked together into dimensions, and dimensions, in turn, produce the collective whole of physicality. Each dimension is much more than your mathematics and established theories of your physics allow for. Surrounding this vast expanse of physical potential is a living, conscious universe. This "Supreme Creative Force" is what you call God, or the Creator. This wondrous living essence uses Love and a special creative Light to fashion everything. Your reality is, in effect, a loving aspect of the Creator. Your realm was given life by Heaven, the divine plan, and you. Concurrently, a special timeline was included that is unique and non-sequential in its function; past, present, and future are one. This means that the energies and activities of one aspect of this timeline often leak into another. For example, your present is heavily influenced by the last moments of Atlantis, and also by the first moments of the birth of your future star nation. As you can see, this present moment is pivotal in laying the groundwork for your new reality.

      Knowing this, your Ascended Masters have taken on the divine task of guiding you through the pitfalls of this time. Your present is a series of interconnected points of Light. You must navigate these points correctly, as each point contains both the dark energies that began this reality and the Light energies that are altering it. This time of transition is very much like a roller coaster ride: it excites you, manipulates your emotions, and, now and then, gives you brief glimpses of what lies ahead. Yet its energy also provides you with an opportunity to transcend the ride and experience an intimation of who you truly are. This grand vision is one that Heaven is committed to your achieving. With this in mind, the Ascended Masters cunningly devised a special strategy for this world, which they call "the grand shift". During this scenario, the dark would be tricked into thinking that its many maneuvers were successful. But these "false victories" were to form a trap that can suddenly spring shut, thus causing their demise.

      The world around you, as you can see, is following the Ascended Masters' scenario; everywhere, it appears that despair has engulfed your realm. The degree of suffering is rising exponentially, and the powers and resources possessed by the dark and its minions appear to increase daily. Your media only reports small victories by the Light. Your globe seems to be on the brink of a chasm of desolation, and an all-pervading doom to be your looming fate. But beneath this picture of gloom, a new global entity is coming into being. It has challenged the forces of the dark in a number of vital areas and obtained preliminary triumphs that are giving rise to yet more. Then, like a blessed avenging angel, the mounting force of this newborn entity will swoop down and crush the dark and its lingering henchmen. This win will come upon you like a sudden storm. Now, only the lowering clouds and a rising wind are noticeable; but all at once, the full brunt of its force will be upon you, and your reality can then be divinely cleansed.

      This cleansing of your reality is a major turning point in your history. At last, the dark can no longer claim you, and you can manifest you freedom and personal sovereignty, your natural state of being. At this point, you will need some assistance, and your Ascended Masters have provided the means for you to exercise these unalienable rights. Governance can be adjusted to better respond to the increased necessary input from its citizens. Each one of you needs to make a firm commitment to serve your community and your world. This service can take many forms in which your true passion and service become one. Your great creative abilities can be liberated and turned into action that will forge the foundations for your new world. This new world will be the springboard that launches you into the role of your future self, a galactic human.

      This transitional realm is not to last very long. This temporary world has, after all, only two main purposes. First, it allows you the opportunity to honor Mother Earth. The love you show her will create a gracious and sincere transition from your past amnesiac thoughtlessness to loving and conscientious stewards of Mother Earth and the entire solar system. Second, this brief span can permit you to deliberate upon ways to expand the workings of government; "government by the people" must include the input of all. Learning to share strengthens the whole and assures the integrity of the God-given rights of all. True sharing of responsibility and the exercise of "divine right action" will become a reality. But, at the start, you may well falter, and that is why we are to be there to support you and show you how to carry out these sacred new duties.

      First contact is quickly to develop into a process that permits you first to discover who you truly are and then to take the initial steps that will demonstrate how this knowledge has changed you. Moreover, as noted above, these actions will show Mother Earth how deeply you love her. These activities will occupy the time remaining to you as denizens of Mother Earth's surface environment. This brief journey allows you to transition into true citizens of a living Earth. This amazing life form is your home. She has taken many millennia of abuse from you. This abuse was intentionally begun when your former overlords, the Anunnaki, decreed a condition of limited consciousness for Earth's humanity. Their reprehensible ambitions imposed a dire existence upon you for far too long. Now the time comes to change all that forever.

      Your present realm is truly changing for the better. We ask you to use your inner heart logic to discern the truth of what we tell you. Our constant reiteration of these topics is designed to pound into your awareness a counterpoint to the lies of the dark-run media. Many wonderful and dedicated individuals and groups are working hard every day to transform your world. But this is known fully to only a few. Most of you are either skeptical or remain in ignorance of what is presently taking place across the globe. The facts we give you at least make you question what is truly happening. The purpose of these messages is to inform you about these covert happenings in order to give you the necessary background that will enable you to act responsibly when the time for action formally manifests. Remember, Together, We are Victorious!

      Today, we have continued our discussion of what is beginning to manifest around you. We ask you to stay calm, committed, and ready to act responsibly when required to do so. Be prepared at a moment's notice to become educators and creative problem-solvers for your local and global community. We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven is indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

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