Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

       12 Manik, 15 Mol, 13 Eb        

Greetings, dear Hearts! We return with more news about what is happening here! As this Gregorian year concludes, much is afoot on your world. Your last dark cabal, although now adrift from its power base, is focused upon its final acts of malicious mischief. It is intent upon creating another event as massive and infamous as the well-planned attack on the World Trade Center. Galactic Federation personnel assigned to the task of countering these rogues will as usual thwart these contemptible plans. In addition, Mother Earth is entering a hyperactive phase in response to the huge amounts of energy being sent to her from the Sun and our galactic core. These energies are encoded with data that instruct her to accelerate the preliminary stages before her final transformation into a fully conscious Being. We see this as a sign from Heaven prophesying an imminent end to this present reality. It is therefore safe to say that the moment for first contact is getting very close. Hence, we have informed our Earth allies that it is time for them to act, and to do so as comprehensively as possible.

      The imminent prospect of the command signaling the start of first contact excites us greatly! Let us remind you that the redistribution of global wealth by our Earth allies is fully ready to pour out of the hopper and flow into your lives. This funding will precipitate many procedures that will produce new regimes across the globe and culminate in first contact. According to our liaison teams, our Earth allies are diligently completing their numerous tasks. We expect them to finish on schedule, producing a series of great surprises for you all to enjoy. In anticipation of this, we have stepped up various operations that allow Mother Earth to do her part and complete her magnificent transformation. As a result, many of you have observed strange energies coming from unknown sources. These sources, as noted above, are the galactic core and a fleet of large motherships anchored at the outer edge of your solar system. Here, we would emphasize once again what this means: the time to tread lightly upon the process of altering your reality is over. A more direct form of divine intervention is now underway!

      In the coming time, many miracles are to occur. As the old dark regime in North America finally fades before your eyes, be not awe-struck at the sudden and dramatic change of direction of your reality. Rather, be fully prepared to assume the new responsibilities that these changes entail. These changes will focus upon ecology, human welfare, and living environments. Hence, a most essential and urgent requirement will be new power sources for transportation and an end to your primitive polluting technologies based on fossil fuel and to your limited fuel cell engines. In their stead, many zero point energy motors can see the light of day. This changeover can be accomplished worldwide in less than six months. During subsequent months, magnetic-lift devices can replace the zero point energy vehicles. All that currently depends upon the electric power grid (homes, offices, shops, farms, factories) can become independent by means of self-contained power units. The environment can be swiftly cleaned up with technologies that are at present suppressed by the dark cabal.

     Aside from these changes, the huge abundance is intended to create programs that guarantee food, clothing, shelter, and medical care for all. The need for shelter within the context of the preservation of the environment will dictate new concepts for developing urban areas. These ideas will create the "eco-city". This creative urban concept, however, will demonstrate why you need to quickly move beyond your present surface-based society. As caretakers and stewards for Mother Earth, you need to devise a way for your society to honor this crucial responsibility. The vast new possibilities provided by the expansion of your technological knowledge and by first contact can lead you to numerous resolutions. Ultimately, we know that you will join your brethren in inner Earth and use these same ideas (underground crystal cities and so forth) to populate Venus, Mars, and eventually Bellona. Thus, we see this next period as one in which you transition from planetary to true galactic humans.

      These new technologies will bring you a much better comprehension of how your reality truly operates. As you absorb this wisdom, it will revolutionize your understanding of your role in physicality. Watching this unfold hugely excites us. Normally, societies like yours take many centuries to transform; you, however, will be integrating such changes in a mere 18 months following first contact! This amazing metamorphosis in your core perceptions is to be your own unique miracle. It is for this reason that Mother Earth so greatly honors you by postponing her own moment of change to her new surface outfit. The manifestation of your great potential is the reason why Heaven summoned us to your beautiful shores. In these last few moments before the big shift, do not view your planet's present crippled condition so much with nostalgia, as with pleasurable anticipation of the heart-warming and fulfilling age awaiting just around the corner.

      First contact creates not only a watershed in your collective perception, but is also the harbinger of your full consciousness. Consciousness is the main driving force behind a reality's formation and maintenance. Normally, this climb out of the "abyss of limited consciousness" is rarely accomplished in this galaxy. Most fully conscious Beings are created in that state and are ill equipped for sojourns into less evolved realms. And few limited consciousness civilizations have managed to overcome the obstacles of not having a fully integrated soul and accompanying Light Body. The mutation of those who have done so was counted in millennia, not centuries. Consequently, the immensity of what you are doing astounds many of the former members of the dark Anchara Alliance. They follow your progress closely and applaud your inevitable success most enthusiastically!

      Unlike those who fought hard to achieve full consciousness, you kept the seeds of your vast potential buried deep in your genetics. Heaven maintained the integrity of this essence and prevented the Anunnaki during nearly 13 millennia from destroying it. It therefore follows that what you are now involved in is part of the divine plan. Hence, we ask you to forgive your dark masters. Their heinous actions were part of a process to teach you about the dark. We will reiterate this as often as needed for this viewpoint to sink in and help you temper your justice. Nevertheless, a degree of justice will be required to provide the necessary learning for those who so arrogantly and heartlessly ruled over you. And yet, the wider framework we mentioned needs to be fully considered as you weigh all points before passing sentence.

      Think carefully about what we have just told you. The world you are entering is very different from this one. Merely the abundance will greatly change the landscape. The downfall of the dark will further separate you from what you now consider to be normal. In past messages, we repeated these same points for a reason: it is one thing to think about such vast changes; it is a horse of a vastly different color to go through them. Our program is meant to ease your way into this exciting new world by asking you to keep a certain focus and by grasping new knowledge. It is crucial for you to know your role. Those, who do need to become beacons in their community, can prevent panic and explain to others what is happening. At this pivotal juncture, your duties are indeed great. We will support you with all you need so your creativity can shine through!

      Our first contact mission is ultimately about you. The purpose of this mission is to empower you and provide you freely with all the knowledge you may require. Further, our intent is to help you clear the way for a new reality on your world. Remember, Together, We are Victorious! Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven is indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

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