Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

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Selamat Jarin! We return, dear Ones! Much needs to be told about what is happening both in this reality and in others. Looking around, the casual observer perceives a world in chaos, marked by conflict, division, and mounting discontent; a dark place headed for destruction. Yet, upon closer inspection and despite these discouraging first impressions, you can clearly see a realm improving at an amazing rate. This phenomenon has helped a number of influential groups and individuals to band together for the common good. These allies have performed miracles in their efforts to move many vital reforms of your global society toward their moment of unveiling. Yet further discernment reveals a simultaneous and all-pervasive spiritual and galactic intervention that is profoundly changing the core perceptions of your reality. 'Light workers' and the groups they have formed are dedicated to returning the divine Light to your motley global village and the home that you call Mother Earth.

      As you move away from your planetary reality, you perceive that you are surrounded by many similar realities, all closely observing yours and all evolving at a similar rate. Behind these, you will find Heaven and the other beneficent realms of this galaxy working from afar to assist in these proceedings. Thus, you have an intercession involving an almost infinite number of realities, all reflecting the edicts of the divine plan and all lovingly energized by the Creator toward a common magnificent objective. It is clear to see that this grand amalgam is nudging humanity toward its glorious destiny. It is equally evident that this great transition is very close. The present dark and cruel realm that controls your planet is, in fact, sitting on the brink of salvation, and the moment for it to succumb to grace is almost upon it. And yet, to those involved in these unusual developments, direction and speed both seem to be lacking. To the discerning observer, however, all is seen to be ready.

      As your reality transmutes, the old perceptions begin to crumble, and all constructs supported by the old perceptions likewise start to implode. An example of this is the acceleration in the flow of events. As new wisdom replaces the old, desired results manifest more swiftly. Conversely, those upholding the outmoded, dark worldview experience increasing distress. The power structure perpetuating this worldview finds itself greatly restricted, and yet is still just able to propagate a flimsy illusion that nothing has changed. The 'flip' will occur when the requisite energy threshold for this massive transformation is reached. It is therefore most important for you to understand this requirement and to contribute all that you can to attain this 'flip point'. Never forget that you have a vast, powerful army of supporters behind you and that, furthermore, the divine plan has already decreed your success. You have but to continue forward on your path and know that your inevitable victory is just around the corner!

      Change is manifestly unpredictable and, hence, occurs unexpectedly and not usually according to schedule. It is often ardently desired, and so results in disillusionment. Then, once attention is diverted elsewhere, the desired event suddenly materializes, or takes place in an unexpected way. This holds true for what is transpiring on your world. Therefore, know that the details of a particular scenario may not play out as you expect, but that the larger framework is indeed guaranteed. It is vital for you to remain patient and willing to support what is soon to occur. Significant and beneficial change is waiting in the wings. Only the timing and the exact form it will take remain to be divulged. Heaven wishes to assure you that all is progressing as she intends and that the forces of Light are preparing for the magic moment. It will happen!

      As victory approaches, the Galactic Federation of Light, under the gracious supervision of Heaven, is readying itself for a massive first contact. This is the event that moves your global society from a planetary to a galactic one. While interstellar contact represents an enormous step forward, it merely sets the stage for all that is to follow. In one stroke, your traditional but parochial beliefs are changed forever! The arrival of benevolent Beings from other worlds can uplift your self-image; the technology to be transferred to you can revolutionize your sciences. However, first contact brings more than the arrival of your human space family; more importantly, it reunites you with your true Spirit Selves, lost to you for thirteen millennia that were filled with amnesia, fear, and manipulation. Now the prophesied moment has arrived for you to reclaim your true essence and to rekindle your powerful, creative Spirit.

      This first contact also signals your reunion with Mother Earth. During the last half century, your society has been slowly awakening to the wonder of this Being that you reside upon. She is fully conscious and experiences her life quite differently from you. This comprehension will likewise enormously alter your perceptions of reality. Suddenly, the entire universe is revealed to you as a living, conscious Entity filled with life and involved in the unfolding of a plan so vast as to be incomprehensible to your present philosophies and sciences. Moreover, Mother Earth, her sister planets, asteroids, comets, and suns are to be greatly honored for what they do. And equally, all of you and the other sentient Beings of this universe are to be honored for their role in this living, conscious universe. The miracle that is Creation is indeed to be viewed by you in new and glorious ways.

      It is important for you to anticipate these inspiring events by holding a positive vision for change. This commitment helps you to better maintain your focus and become more discerning about what is truly coming to pass on planet Earth. Look beyond the headlines; use your growing intuition to develop a more accurate outlook. Remember the enormous amount of information to be found on the Internet, but bear in mind that this resource is an opportunity for you to discern fact from fiction. Use your inner knowing to remain optimistic and to see beyond the surface of reported events; underlying patterns will then emerge that can reveal what is truly occurring, but these will nevertheless remain unperceived by those who lack discernment. As ever, remember, Together, we are Victorious!

      Your future is destined to be one in which the forces of Light emerge victorious and a first contact is completed. This destiny is to be filled with financial abundance, true problem-solving creativity, and a return to your natural, loving Spirit. This future is a promise made by our Creator. What is now happening on Mother Earth is about to blossom before you. These exquisite 'flowers' are the beauty that you crave and that is justly yours! You have earned these blossoms, and Heaven blesses you with them! Your hard work and the discouraging events in your lives need to be transformed by Love. This divine Love is growing inside you and will shortly burst forth, blotting out all the darkness that you have ever encountered. This glorious moment is almost upon you. The time for peace and healing has arrived!

      Today, we have discussed what is truly occurring on your world. We ask you to use these insights to view your world from a truer perspective. Look at it as a reality undergoing profound transformation, and discern how this is being carried out. We feel that your scrutiny will reveal a lot of up-to-date verification of this amazing change! We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven is indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

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