Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

        11 Cimi, 9 Zip, 1 Caban        

Greetings! We come, dear Hearts, to talk with you once again. Your world continues to transition from a reality you all know to one that is quite unknown to you. This new reality features an end to war and the beginning of a long era of global peace. During this time, you will transform into fully conscious Beings. In this new mode, those things that are presently so important to you will fade away into their true insignificance. Until then, the many disasters and catastrophes that mark your world will continue to dominate your inner beliefs about your fellows. We are here to tell you that many miracles are on the horizon that can quickly solve these problems and allow you to focus on changing the deplorable conditions of your world. We, in Heaven and in the Galactic Federation of Light can inform you that what you and your global society have long yearned for is finally set to manifest before you. Our many liaisons and their support teams confirm that the blessed events so long intended by us are ready, and so, a sequence of wondrous gifts is about to be presented to you.

      These bequests are to bring an immense abundance to your global society and start a process to end widespread poverty and deprivation. Moreover, these funds can deliver immediate solutions to the myriad global problems that you face. Remember that these huge new resources bring huge new responsibilities. Self-important men and women who have lost sight of true national goals run the nation-states on your world. They faithlessly proclaim their beliefs and agendas as being identical to the highest good of their given state. These Machiavellian politics need total recasting. Your task and that of the newly designated governments is to use your great powers for the collective good. These disgraceful regimes must end and be replaced with a form of governance that gladly espouses your new and humane Weltanschauung. The "quiet revolution" is to become an irresistible torrent in your hands. We intend to help you transform your pain-filled world into one that resounds with a heavenly harmony, and in which all cultures, with their many languages and traditions, are equally celebrated.

      Sovereignty and freedom are vital ingredients of what lies ahead. Each of you will be tested on your commitment to these grand Creator-given rights. Humanity has for too long given lip service to these two unalienable absolutes; you cannot be somewhat free or half sovereign. These ridiculous notions have dominated the politics of government for many, many decades. This is now to end! Your reconstituted governance is to be organized around the requisite that freedom and sovereignty are to be granted to each one. Thereafter, this responsibility needs to be nurtured; your creative potential must be employed to identify and resolve any possible roadblocks that may appear. Sovereignty, dear Friends, is being handed to you. Grasp it firmly, and commit yourselves to guarding it with vigilance and wisdom. This sacred duty toward yourself and your fellows is a challenge to your innate, grand potential. Your world is about to be turned upside down, and your deep resources of wisdom, logic, and planning will be required to shape the world of your dreams. We know you can do this because we see your great potential.

     This rise of "people-oriented government" lies at the heart of what Heaven wants for you. Long ago, when the spirit of the American Revolution was summed up in the Declaration of Independence, a concept was manifested, which stated governance owes its very power to the advice and consent of its people. Once loosened from her tight fetters, freedom and her noble consort, sovereignty, set out upon a journey to alter the basic nature of this reality. This odyssey has now reached its destination. Your task is to realize the consequences of this voyage and to perfect what the Declaration first envisioned. Each of you is to become a symbol of the joy of freedom. The various great resources to be provided for you are to end your age-old suffering and to give birth to your deepest yearnings. We ask that each of you assist by nurturing and celebrating the great Being of Love that you are. That is what this revolution is about, not anger, revenge, or division.

      You are an army of the Light! As such, you need to release your anger against those who ruled you unjustly. Yes, they are rapscallions! And yes, they are self-centered fools! But they are also the tools that you created in order to become aware of the blind and lazy allegiances many of you gave to the deceptions of your latter-day governments. Bear this in mind when you come to judge them. Responsibility belongs to all, and your failure to supervise and inform yourself of the doings of government helped to create these wrongdoers. So, be compassionate with yourself and with them. Then be diligent in your supervision of these new regimes; make sure they champion the sovereignty of all. Be relentless in ensuring that "people-power" does remain at the heart of all your new governments. Each is the watchdog of his own freedom, and each must keep an eagle eye on the workings of his elected officials. Remember, freedom demands constant vigilance!

      As you move forward and begin to forge your future world, be ever mindful as you plan your great projects: The Creator provided you with a huge potential for creating and sharing goodness. He also gave each a vast immortal soul, inextricably linked to each other. This connection has a most divine purpose: to end the separation and alienation that characterizes your present reality. This connection, furthermore, is to guide you unerringly along the path to freedom and sovereignty. These twin pillars of your coming society are to be expressed at a level hitherto unknown to you. We belabor this point for a purpose. The concept of reconciling the rights of the individual (i.e. sovereignty) with those of the collective is relatively new to you, rather in the nature of an un-watered seed. All it needs is the "rain/reign" of freedom to start its growth.

      Reconciling seemingly different needs is merely the first step in "walking between two worlds", this world and the spiritual. In the spiritual, connection is a continuous state of being. In your world, it is much disrupted. Yet, Heaven has been moving you to a point where these two merge. The key is to embrace freedom and sovereignty in their highest, and hence truest, forms. Freedom allows you to end your dependence on the opinions of this world; you are free to explore unhindered, and discover what is real for you, what it means to "know yourself". Then use your sovereignty to connect to your True Self. With this connection, your heart knowing can reveal fact from fiction. At first, this prospect may seem daunting, but with time, exploring these concepts can lead you to the Light!

      This new reality is very close. The events secretly taking shape around you are proof of this. The Galactic Federation and its first contact team have long worked with Heaven and many enlightened people on your world to forge this new reality. Success is nonetheless also contingent on you playing your part in this drama. Thus, we have harped upon those things that you, in your turn, need to do. Remember this message in the coming time, and prepare yourselves to exercise your freedom and demand your sovereign rights. Such diligence will ensure the success that Heaven has prophesied for you. We leave you with a simple message: Be aware, and be ready. Freedom comes, and with it, the immense responsibilities so graciously bestowed upon you by Heaven! Remember, Together, We are Victorious!

      Today, we have continued our discussion of the events secretly taking place on your world. We have touched on some of the things you need to consider in order to take right action. We ask, as always, that you stay committed and focused upon your inevitable victory. We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven is indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

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