Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

        5 Ben, 16 Zip, 1 Caban        

Greetings, dear Hearts! We return with more to tell you! Heaven remains adamant about having the final aspects of your present stage of awakening completed as directed by the Creator's divine plan. To this end, we have been instructed to do whatever is divinely possible to bring about what is on the verge of manifesting. Right now, those in charge of this operation on Earth are tying up the last loose ends. This means that your world is on the brink of some very dramatic changes. We deeply condemn this last dark cabal for its recent, nefarious deeds that caused the deaths of thousands of their own people. This wrongdoing is merely the latest of many that it has foisted upon your world. Once these miscreants have been removed from office and we are formally announced, we intend to rectify the damage they have done to you. We possess technologies that can quickly reverse the harm so heinously meted out to you. We applaud all who have come forward to help and ask you to support them in carrying out their heroic endeavors.

      Our tasks have been limited to three major areas. First, we have concentrated on helping our Earth allies to successfully achieve their objectives. Our many diplomatic and liaison teams have logged long hours to get those involved to the finish line. Based on our first-hand information, we are happy to report that the many things promised you are close to happening in many areas. Second, we monitor Mother Earth and assist her many orders of Elohim in getting her through this transitional period. She intends to transform her present surface configuration as soon as you are moved to your new homes, either within inner Earth or up on the large fleet currently surrounding her. The logistics of this move are complicated by the need to coordinate Mother Earth's efforts with those of your own. Finally, we supervise your awakening process with Heaven's assistance. The nearly infinite Orders and Councils of Heaven wish you to know how much they truly Love you. This Love is shown to you in many ways. Know in your hearts that the completion of this procedure is likewise very near.

      These facts we have reported to you many times before. But this time we intend to ask you to more fully comprehend what is taking place on your world. Many millennia ago, the Anunnaki were allowed to take control of your reality, which resulted in your fall into limited consciousness. During their reign, they forged a special group of sycophants on your world, whose responsibility it was to orchestrate the schemes cooked up by the Anunnaki's ruling council. These schemes were intended to confound and befuddle you, and render you easy to manipulate. Then, nearly a decade ago, these same Anunnaki withdrew from this devilry, leaving behind them the many groups of minions in charge of controlling you. These groups, once supervised and united in their shady pursuits, have spent this last decade squabbling among themselves over the immense spoils left behind by their former off-world masters. The distraction afforded by this gargantuan struggle permitted us to indirectly intervene on your behalf; these accomplishments have been referred to in many previous messages.

      The Anunnaki's minions possess an enormous stockpile of financial resources, allowing them to control banks, governments, transnational corporations, and many religious organizations. Their sudden lack of unity astounded those individuals who had long been in the know about who in truth "ran" your world. This shakeout created nearly five years of ever-mounting chaos. What remained was the hard core of unprincipled bureaucrats, power-hungry politicians, and corporate honchos who had steered the direction of the "cold war" for the past six decades. This core group, with allegiance to no country, decided to consolidate their power by foisting themselves off on the North American continent. What followed was an all-out attempt to secure, by hook or by crook, the presidency of the last great superpower. Their success engendered a series of monstrous and unbridled misdeeds, which, inadvertently, will ensure global condemnation and lead to their richly deserved downfall.

      Those groups firmly opposed to this multinational cabal have moved cautiously in formulating a plan to unseat them. Our declaration, issued in 1998, acted as a rallying cry. The first requisite was to document the dark cabal's manifold atrocities, thus proving its deep distain for humanity. It was also necessary to carefully single out those particular misdeeds that would unseat it in a court of law. Concurrently, tactics designed to isolate it were implemented, thus encouraging many former associates to turn against these reprobates. What was needed here was not merely a regime change, but a far-reaching set of conditions capable of bringing the entire cabal to its knees. These are now in place and being set in motion. Unprovoked aggression, diplomatic blunders, endless political malfeasance, misappropriation of resources, and, most recently, flagrant inhumanity under cover of a natural disaster have opened the doors wide to their defeat.

      At present, grand juries are being empanelled to investigate a number of incidents. These legal entities have begun a process to indict most of the government put into office by the illegal power grab of 2000. This motion does more than merely place a few under formal charges; it actually exposes the entire core of this last amoral cabal. This operation is to start the process of restoring constitutional government to America and to set up conditions for the election of a true and unfettered government. Armed with the truth, the justified outrage of the voting public can ensure that an in-depth reform of this land be finally carried out. Be that as it may, a much swifter way to finish off these rapscallions in fact already exists. An act, signed into law at the start of this century, provides for the sweeping changes that are so desperately needed.

      This act (N.E.S.A.R.A.) makes the present American regime, regardless of party affiliation, illegal. Therefore, this entire administration, a tool of the dark cabal, is to resign immediately. However, the mass media, firmly in the grip of this cabal's many wealthy supporters, have turned this stipulation into a stumbling block. Now, at the eleventh hour, a reversal of fortune is finally tipping the scales in favor of those key elements mentioned above; these contingents within the American government and its judicial system working for the defeat of the cabal are poised to strike. Moreover, large numbers of influential groups and individuals working inside many other major governments are determined that this bid for freedom shall be a global phenomenon. We can now report that there has been a distinct shift in power in favor of those opposing the last cabal.

      A feeling of expectancy is in the air. The end of the recent ominous times is upon you. The pincer action of our Earth allies together with the forces of Heaven is shortly to bring this mess to an abrupt conclusion. You will then have a ringside view of the transformation of your world. Things believed by many to be impossible will manifest, and the anchoring of a glorious new reality into your world can formally proceed. It has taken a long time to coalesce. Many diverse participants needed time to formulate and carry out their segments of this global grand plan. Now, as you anticipate the opening scenes, remain patient and committed. Heaven needs to bring your energies of joyful anticipation to bear upon those who deny you. Remember, Together, We are Victorious!

      Today, we looked at what is happening on your world. Try to take into account the myriad factors converging in order to swiftly transform your reality, all under the aegis of the divine plan. Heaven is using her magnificent powers of manifestation to bring it all into being. Your glorious future has just begun! We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven is indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

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