Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

        4 Lamat, 16 Pax, 13 Eb        

Greetings, dear Hearts! We return with more to tell you! Currently, our Earth allies are swiftly completing those tasks necessary for manifesting your new reality. These actions are proof of their high commitment to those objectives given to them by your Ascended Masters. In tandem with these activities, our liaison personnel are readying your world for first contact. These coordinated events will very shortly lead to our mass landing on your world. To us, the termination of your globe's last dark cabal and its replacement by various legally designated governments is the critical key to our arrival. To this end, our Earth allies and we have gone over the plan for this vital move, repeatedly and in detail, until all aspects are clearly known to all concerned. At the same time and under cover of darkness, we have begun to rehearse our landing procedures in many remote areas of your globe. A large portion of the fleet is committed to these exercises as these practice runs embody a vital prepping for the main event which is at last rapidly drawing closer.

      The majority of our fleet commanders are participating in these preliminaries. Also, the time has come to get serious about the many potentially disastrous flash points that are being stoked on your world. The intention of this dark cabal is more ominous than mere local conflict; rather it is an attempt to implement their final "go for broke" strategy for world domination. The instigation of this mad concept will further destabilize an already shaky international situation and vastly increase the possibility for worldwide conflagration. The intent of this foreign policy greatly worries a number of major world leaders and has led to a covert call for this dark cabal's immediate removal from power. Our diplomatic liaisons have documented these requests and assured all that this most necessary act is indeed "in the works". In addition to these perilous foreign policy adventures, this cabal is primarily focused on attempting to forestall the introduction of the new banking and financial system and trying to corner aspects of your global society's energy production network.

      While these efforts have met with some success, these policies have alienated most of the world's nations. In consequence, this cabal has adopted a defensive attitude of arrogance and overt hostility toward the rest of the world. This stance of us-against- them has rendered any form of negotiation with them virtually impossible. A result of this policy is an ever-increasing rate of governments that wish for their downfall. Added to this mix are the many formerly powerful banking families that still harbor a degree of loyalty to their dark cause. It is for this reason that we asked our Earth allies to find a way to renegotiate the agreements previously made with these families. This they have done, and a much-improved arrangement is now in place. Naturally, our "insider" information has also been put to good use to ensure that anyone surreptitiously still in alliance with the dark be excluded from the final steps of those remaining tasks that will shortly produce the many momentous events that will change your world.

      The actions of the last two weeks have permitted our Earth allies to get very close to the worldwide payouts needed to let various specially prepared governments see the light of day. This is of course a highly complex and covert operation. A special contingent of our Earth allies is busy re-allocating the huge resources needed to oust the dark cabal from power. Keep in mind that this cabal has control of the last great superpower. This means that this covert activity requires an immense amount of meticulous planning in order to ensure success. Happily, many key personnel in this government now dearly wish to see its swift overthrow. The barefaced lies, outright treason, and flagrant abuse of power have stunned most of its former supporters. Hence, their prime objective is now to do whatever is necessary to drive these deranged, power-crazed men and women from office. These covert "champions of America" have also compiled a secret list of supporters who can be relied upon to act as members of an interim government.

      Meanwhile, Mother Earth remains adamant that a number of preliminary Earth movements must continue. Your planet wishes you to know that the process begun last December in South Asia is ready for its next stage of activity. This involves the rest of the Asian and Indian tectonic plates as well as parts of the Americas not normally associated with earthquakes. These relatively minor adjustments are needed by Mother Earth to securely "lock in" the tectonic plates of a major portion of your globe. As part of these operations, the Pacific and Indian oceans are to see a big increase in ocean floor volcanism. This is necessary to prepare Earth's surface for the even greater changes that are to follow once first contact is completed. This completion can only take place after your programs to solve the pollution of your environment reach an agreeable conclusion.

      The movements on your planet are starting to affect your artificial "Moon". In recent months, his orbit has become somewhat more erratic. This is due in part to the changing strength and polarity of the geomagnetic and geogravitational fields. The Moon is consequently drifting slightly as the ocean of energy that he depends on alters into something quite different. The changes in this "soup" that keeps the Moon tied to Mother Earth also affect the thin lunar atmosphere. Some areas have become denser, while others have thinned. This effect would appear to be influenced by magnetic factors: where the surface has a larger magnetic mass below it, a thickening of the atmosphere takes place, and the opposite occurs when low magnetic activity predominates. Indeed, all around you, a new reality is appearing for those truly willing to see it!

      These changes in your reality are at once dramatic and subtle in nature. At every level, you are being subjected to ongoing changes in your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. Likewise, Mother Earth and the entire solar system are transmuting into something quite different from what you are used to experiencing. These changes are powered by divine edicts and, hence, are inevitable. It is important for you to know that it is this that is producing the earthquakes, volcanism, and tsunamis that are changing your world. However, these natural events are to be shortly topped by many vital political, social, and philosophical changes that will echo through your collective identity and worldview. This wake-up call is needed to rouse your global consciousness from a nearly 13 millennia-long nap and move you into a divine prelude to full consciousness.

      All these wondrous happenings are preparing to manifest in ways that will be undeniable to you even in your collective slumber mode. These events will shock you into the realization of the folly of those beliefs cherished by most of you for so long. It is these perceptions that have made it largely impossible for you to rise up and demand an improvement in your circumstances. Nevertheless, Heaven went forth and forged a scenario designed to prepare you as graciously as possible to take on these new sacred paradigms. This period is the final battleground resulting from these directives. With the coming victory, Heaven can at last arrange for you to be restored to the Divine's greatest gift: full consciousness. Much is expected of you, and hence much is to be given to you. Remember, Together, We are Victorious!

      Today, we have reviewed the events of the day. We ask, as always, that you stay focused and fully committed to your inevitable triumph! Never loose sight of the great Love and blessings showered upon you every second of the day by the infinite Orders and Life streams of Heaven! We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven is indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

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