Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

       8 Batz, 19 Tzec, 13 Eb        

Selamat Jarin! We return, dear Hearts, with more to tell you. Around your world the final steps in a long drama are finally coming to an end. The beginning of your month of November corresponds to the great 'White' month in your most ancient calendars. This month in Lemurian and Atlantean times was called 'Zac'. On the first day of this month, both of these lost civilizations perished. The global tradition has been for untold millennia to honor this day of immense loss. Hence, you have the tradition of Halloween (Hallowed Eve) and All Saints day in Europe. This same date was honored throughout the pre-Columbian Americas as well as in Oceania, Asia, and Africa. Despite all attempts by the Anunnaki to erase this sorrow from your souls, they ultimately failed. Humanity retains a faint soul memory of the significance of this day to your world. Even the zodiacal sign for this period, Scorpio, is ultimately about the Phoenix, the legendary bird that rose triumphantly from its ashes. In a similar way, humanity is destined to restore its own fully conscious self.

      This time is for remembering and honoring your distant ancestors and for paying homage to the true ancient history of your world. It is also a time for looking to the future and preparing yourselves for your grand destiny. Many activities to this end are afoot, which will give you true freedom and provide you with a vast, financial abundance. While your world appears to drift into increasing chaos, your Ascended Masters wish you to comprehend that this extensive disorder is merely an illusion. It is no more than the final, living nightmare organized by the last dark cabal. This moment in history, however, is when a number of long-sought-after events are destined to take place. It is our intention, dear Ones, to bring forth Heaven's magnificent plan and solemnly manifest it before you. To this end, many changes have occurred concerning the legal status of this last cabal's position of power in North America. Furthermore, we have arranged for some events to happen that are designed to upset this group's long-held plans for you.

      This dark cabal is working overtime to retain its position of power. Many months ago, they formulated a highly complex scheme to achieve this goal. Likewise, we in Heaven are working diligently to see that the decrees of the divine plan in these matters are fully carried out. In accordance with this, our Earth allies agreed to initiate a number of secret maneuvers that would put our plans into full operation. This has now been done. At present, we await the exact moment specified by the divine plan to go forward and surprise our dark adversaries. Meanwhile, the dark nurtures its ever-growing chaos and prepares with glee for events that it hopes to execute in the following days and weeks.

      Our strategy is to lull them into a false sense of security and then, without warning, pounce! What we have prepared for them we cannot, for obvious reasons, expound upon. Just know at all times that we are with you and are clearing a path for your glorious liberation. These times are of pivotal importance. Your purpose is to live your life in joy, not in a state of quiet desperation!

      The plans of the dark rely on a number of covert intelligence and quasi-military operations that are now being thwarted by our Earth allies and us. It is necessary for you to understand the true global nature of this struggle. This 'war' against humanity is being waged primarily by this dark cabal and not by 'terrorists' hiding in secluded mountain outposts. For decades, this cabal gathered an enormous array of resources. Its hope was to be powerful enough to become the primary under-lord for the Anunnaki when the time finally came to directly take over the planet. Before this fateful date arrived, however, off-world events overtook them, thus averting this reprehensible conquest. In the mid-1990s, the Anunnaki suddenly retired from their long-held position of control over the planet, leaving this cabal in a considerable predicament. Then again, the following years of struggle put them in a position once more to make a bid for this long-coveted, global supremacy. But now, the only remaining practical weapon at their disposal was to unleash a most horrendous reign of terror upon your world.

      The Light knows that the defeat of this dark cabal will put an end to this global terror. But many regional conflicts still perpetrate another form of distress, brought on by local differences and power struggles that, in many cases, extend back for centuries. These require a new level of diplomatic, economic, and political cooperation from the nations bordering these war-torn areas, as well as major assistance from global political and financial entities. We, the Ascended Masters, have put together such a plan. We fully intend to carry this out as soon as the first step in our strategy is completed. When the main source of terror and global disruption is driven from power and formally corralled, the many trouble spots can be immediately dealt with. Then, peace and cooperation can finally become the rightful, pre-eminent condition on your world.

      As you can see, this period is a most critical one. Many momentums are powerfully colliding with each other. This scenario birthed a number of strategies that are bringing an end to your present reality. It is vital for you to realize both the extent and intensity of these activities. Your world is heaving under the onslaught as these two great opponents and their allies clash with each other. The issues behind this 'silent' war concern the concepts you hold of your True Self and of your reality. Your present reality relies upon a cluster of broad assumptions about how you perceive your society and how it works. Your myriad-shared beliefs form the glue that holds this all together. But now, what is about to happen will literally unglue this reality and stick it back together in a whole new way.

      Our timetable is to complete our operation soon and to be allowed to appear before you. First contact and the arrival of your Ascended Masters are scheduled to happen simultaneously. To prepare for this, a number of small, largely unreported incidents have already happened; 'miracles' have occurred that have limited hostilities in many violent areas of your globe. We have also had our scout ships greatly increase their presence in your night sky. All this 'sounds the trumpet' for our destined appearance. The many events of a more political nature, hinted at in this report, are likewise soon to be known to you. All is moving swiftly to a point where an intervention of some type is clearly required. Our wish, dear Hearts, is to do this as soon as divinely allowed.

      When these proceedings start, it is necessary for you to remain calm and fully prepared to help. Many around you can go into panic about what is happening to their concepts of reality. We ask you to use the knowledge gained from these reports to explain that what they see and hear is in no way a threat. On the contrary, it is the birth of a much-improved reality. Such profound transformation requires the dismantling or shattering of the old model, using methods that can disturb the old, familiar mindset. New wisdom can then arise out of the necessity to change the old and form prototypes for new models of understanding and perception. As these take hold, it becomes possible for even more startling announcements to be made, including the arrival of first contact and the manifesting of the Ascended Masters. Much is indeed poised to happen!

      Today, we discussed the reasons why many unprecedented and astonishing events are on the brink of happening. We ask you to prepare yourselves for a most amazing ride! A new world is coming, and the time for its appearance is finally at hand. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven is indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

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