Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

       11 Ik, 10 Zip, 13 Eb        

Selamat Jarin! We return, dear Hearts, with more to tell you! Every day, you move closer to the wondrous reality decreed for you by the divine plan. It is a time when we will be able to walk freely among you and impart much wisdom to you. In preparation for this grand day, we increased our nightly patrols of your sky. As we monitor your planet, we will cease to take on the appearance of nearby stars and will now more openly appear as moving, multi-colored light. This 'UFO light' appears to move like a falling leaf as it carries out its assigned maneuvers. These more overt attempts of ours to be recognized by you are simply to demonstrate that we are not an illusion, but are in fact very real. We are also preparing to perform some broadcast 'mischief'. This will include brief messages of salutation followed by some information about first contact. The time is fast approaching when the slow progress of our Earth allies may not be quite what is required by the divine plan. If this becomes the case, a scenario for a massive and purely divine, physical intervention is ready to go.

      Our new negotiating team has worked miracles. Our Earth allies have completed the last stages needed to bring you a new banking and financial system designed to spread abundance worldwide as well as governmental changes across the planet. These unprecedented events can propel the last dark cabal from power. Your Ascended Masters can then speak directly to you. These global declarations are to address your new reality. This changing reality is forming within each of you and is the cause of the changes that you are currently experiencing. This return to full consciousness is preordained and is quite unstoppable by the last vestiges of the dark on your world. The dominant factions of this cabal who joined in the various perfidious acts perpetrated upon you in the past four years know this, and yet they persist upon this path out of fear of the dire consequences should their sacrilege ever be made public. This fear has motivated them to continue plotting ways to permanently seize power in North America, and we wish them to know that these deplorable intentions will bear no fruit.

      Democracy and Liberty were first declared in North America in the Gregorian year of 1776. This solemn declaration was partially the work of Count Saint Germain. It was his intention to begin a procedure designed eventually to bring Freedom to this world and allow for the permanent establishment of personal sovereignty. The forces of the dark have been unsuccessful in their attempts to prevent these procedures from bearing fruit. Their delaying tactics entailed trumped-up, devastating wars, mass slaughter, widespread hatred, unnecessary economic crashes, and deceptive and soporific pronouncements via the mass media to prevent the rise of Freedom on your world. Now we are gathered in the moment of the divine plan when these great gifts of the Creator are no longer to be denied. The deceptions of the dark are now to cease. The time for the Light to return to your world has arrived! You are to be set free and graciously returned, dear Ones, to your natural state of Being. You are to join your brethren in the higher realms and unfold the great word of the Creator for all to see!

      These present times that seem to you so compelling in their significance are mere illusions condoned by your misconceived beliefs. These were foisted upon you by the duplicitous game plan of the Anunnaki and their Earth minions. These dark strategies went unnoticed for millennia, but now this misconstrued reality seems all too real. Your world is not to be one of continuous suffering. This construct is supported merely by your belief in the fabrications so deftly perpetrated by the Anunnaki. These dark ones were only temporarily given the dispensation by Heaven to do so; now this permission is ended, and the Light again given predominance. In this, we rejoice, and ask you now to remember the ways of the Light and to know that her effects are again manifesting on Earth. The time for exultation and for celebrating your liberation is at hand! Mighty events are coming into being, and the magic occasion of first contact is indeed close!

      The behind-the-scenes confrontation between the Light and the dark upon your world continues to rage on. This war is reaching its crescendo. The divided forces of the dark are desperately applying their last resources to their final offensive. These doomed, malevolent plans are well known to the forces of the Light. We hereby declare that this perfidious assault upon humanity is permanently cancelled, and the decrees of the divine plan are being brought forward to be manifested before you! These decrees state that a new, wondrous era for humanity be forthwith declared. This era can begin with the enormous financial abundance that you are destined according to Heaven to receive. This also includes the setting up of regimes worldwide that honor Freedom, Liberty, and personal sovereignty. Let the bell of Freedom be rung and the great changes in this land be done! The new day dawns, and you are ready to embrace a new beginning!

      This moment is special! It marks the greatly anticipated passing away of these ages-old, dark conditions. Your realm was noted for the manipulation and domination of the Anunnaki and their selected minions on your world. This ill-intentioned union put you through much grief, but also gave you much useful wisdom about the nature of the dark. But now comes the sacred moment of transition, when the dark must cease and desist from their game. This is the appointed time! Your moment of transition has come! You are to become, in one fell swoop, a physical Angel and a deliverer of the great, divine message of the Creator. The message is about Love, the source of all things. In Love, the Creator made all things. In Love, Mother Earth brought you to your divine destiny. In Love, you can find the great wisdom and the way to your True Self!

      This way back to your True Self is most important. As you begin to perceive the magnificence of who you are, you will understand how the dark limited you. Until this moment, you cannot truly take on board what we tell you. As the Truth of who you are weighs in upon you, the illusions of the dark lose their thrall. You will feel compelled to alter this gloomy illusionary realm into something more true and befitting the decrees of the divine plan. This awakening has many stages. Most of you are rapidly going through the middle stages of this awakening process, with a few approaching the moment of realization. To help the majority of you, great souls are choosing to incarnate on Earth. These indigo or crystal children employ their great soul energies to speed you on your way through the tunnel of Light that leads to your golden destiny!

      All the circumstances of these changes are predestined. We ask simply that you use your discernment to assist this wondrous energy and allow the divine plan to work her magic. Though much may seem uncertain, the divine plan and the grand Orders of Heaven are one with you! You are blessed, and are being prepared for your celebration. Never forget that Together, You are Victorious! This phrase needs to be your anthem! In unity is strength of unstoppable proportions. Truth is the sacred word of this mighty Union! Let no one tempt you from believing otherwise! The final moments of these events rise up to meet you. Go forward and use your great abilities to forge your new reality! Let knowledge, wisdom, and Truth be your guides. Know in your hearts that Heaven and her grand forces await you! We bring you a truly divine first contact.

      Today, we talked about what is transpiring on your world. We ask you to remain committed to your victory. Be prepared for action and ready to do what is necessary. Our part in this is to ensure that the most appropriate scenario for first contact is duly implemented. We now take our leave! Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven is indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

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