Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

        9 Muluc, 12 Xul, 1 Caban        

Greetings, dear Hearts! We return with another installment of our galactic messages. If you look carefully at the world around you, you will see the empire-in-the-making of the dark cabal breaking out in hairline cracks. Look closer yet and the deep fissures behind the cracks become apparent. The whole edifice of control built by the old order is creaking and groaning under the onslaught of the Light, and the rot hidden within the walls is helping to accelerate its collapse. This utter destruction is what Heaven has decreed, and now the forces of the dark fully realize the fate that awaits them. This is an auspicious time in which you are witnessing the beginning of the operation to remove those dark minions of your erstwhile off-world rulers. In defiance of their former masters, these minions still seek world domination and the means to strengthen their control over you. In previous messages we told you that the dark tide was finally ebbing, never to return. Today we ask for your continuing patience as we repeat this pronouncement, for Heaven has brought you to the very brink of a well-deserved victory.

      The forces of the Light have taken the surge of positive energies generated by your collective passion and turned it against the dark. These invincible energies of Light have greatly helped to manifest a most fitting reward: your coming prosperity and new reality! We ask you to continue down the path established by Heaven and prepare yourselves to receive your promised bounty. We, who have so meticulously watched over your realm, have with much gaiety prepared the celebration feast that is soon to follow. During this time, when the forces of the dark are in disarray, redirect your energies by visualizing exactly how you would wish the next episodes of this drama to play out. Heaven has staged a great drama and the major players have done a fine job in moving events to this pivotal point in the production. What you are about to see is the disintegration of the dark and the gracious flowering of a new world. This scene requires audience participation: dear Sisters and Brothers of the Light, now is the moment to become fellow actors in this play. Join in the renouncement of the dark cabal and make known your convictions.

      Those preparing the denouement want you to know how vital you are to this drama. Bear this in mind as you anticipate what lies ahead. The changes in government and the distribution of the prosperity funds are only the barest of beginnings. First contact and all that it brings are the main goals of this play; all else is mere window-dressing. Therefore, never lose sight of the momentous ending of this plot. Be on the lookout for those who might want to wimp out on the grand finale by suggesting a more delayed ending. Put another way, once the dominoes start to fall, let their impetus not be slowed up or interrupted. We address this in order to guide you through the complexities of the upcoming drama. The world you know is imploding. Those who rule and "inform" you try hard to conceal this fact, but the truth, like the snowball that precipitates an avalanche, will soon engulf them. Add your voice to the growing murmurs until, like a Greek chorus, you announce their doom to the world.

      As the action gathers speed and the first outlines of your new world take shape, know that filling in the details will require your fullest attention. At this time it is important to recognize the essential role of first contact: First contact transforms your governance, your prosperity, your religions, and above all, it redefines your self-image. The immensity of these implications may be beyond the comprehension of most. For example, the Second Coming event goes well beyond the purview of your present theology. This event is to prepare you for nothing less than your reunion with Heaven in the joy of full consciousness! This mass ascension has nothing to do with the "rapture" mentioned in some scriptures. First contact and the return to full consciousness is an invitation to join directly with Heaven to reveal the divine plan. Thus, your present, limited life mission is to expand to include the fullness of your unlimited potential. With this, your entire life changes forever.

      Your ability to see what is happening in a different light actually helps to cause the changes in your reality. Consider the power grab of the last cabal as the pivot for this transformation; only as the dark played its trump cards could the Light burst in with the scenario you now see before you. As the ring of indictments grows, the culpability of this cabal's power base likewise increases. This leads to another president under siege, fighting desperately to survive. It also brings the entire American political system under a full scrutiny. The massive corruption and incredible degree of mismanagement in all aspects of governance are to be revealed, and a cry of outrage will ensue. In these circumstances, the forced removal of this disgraceful regime will be welcomed, and its successors will be invested with an extensive mandate for true reform.

      These conditions are now growing on your world. Those who planned this know that many forces, presently hidden, are ready to burst forth to create a new world once the merciless shackles of this last cabal are dismantled. Thus, there are many things afoot that you do not know of. These covert elements are the Light's most powerful trump cards. They represent how your world is to be swiftly altered. For millennia, the Light has prepared for this day. And the dark, now lacking the cleverness and wisdom of their former off-world masters, made fatal mistakes. Its miscalculations produced its present disarray and set the stage for our arrival upon your beautiful shores. First contact is to take place after this regime is gone, and the temporary government restores your unalienable rights and brings back the true American Constitution.

      These are the merest details of what is happening. We cannot as yet identify the majority of the underlying forces. Nor can we yet discuss with you how they are to play out. Keeping to the confines of our brief, we have given you the barest minimum to assist you in understanding the present twists of the plot. We cannot as yet do more, as the complexities and full nuances of this adventure would require many lectures to bring you fully abreast. In fact, these brief missives are barely adequate to present you with even a thumbnail sketch. Just know that much is happening, and as you perceive the picture beginning to take shape, it will become crystal clear to you that the march to unseat this unconscionable regime can only succeed. Know also that Heaven foresees a most resounding triumph for this "quiet revolution."

      First contact is to take place only after the preceding manifests on your world. To this end, we have allowed for every possible permutation to the main plan. We are determined to fulfill the preconditions for first contact. Your world is being prepared for a great transformation in consciousness. This program is set forth by the divine plan and can therefore have only one possible outcome: Success! Some of you doubt the sincerity of Heaven and the efficacy of our plans. We herewith assure you that these will indeed come to pass. Heaven sees that the stark necessities on your world require not just immediate relief, but profound and long-term remedies. And this is now being provided by the divine plan. This plan includes us. It also includes our Earth allies and each one of you. It is truly a case of Together, We are indeed Victorious!

      Today, we have looked at conditions and events preparing to happen on your world. Know that you are to be recipients of a great gift from Heaven. This gift will free you from your current bondage, restore your unalienable rights, and return you to the heavenly joys of full consciousness. We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

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