Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

        8 Kan, 7 Pop, 1 Caban        

Greetings, dear Hearts! We come once again with more to discuss with you. The great events long forecast by Heaven are near at hand. Accordingly, let us turn our attention to your dear Mother Earth. Most of you know little of her. From time to time, you perform a ceremony in her honor, and individually or in a group beseech Heaven to help her. These acts of kindness are nevertheless carried out without any true intimate knowledge of this most wondrous living orb. Mother Earth, like you, is readying herself to alter into a fully conscious Being. To her, this task means altering her many physical and spiritual components. For example, she needs to finish the process of locking her surface tectonic plates, which can then allow her to expand and contract in the proper places. Thus she can become once again a perfect 12-sided ovoid crystal. This shape is quite different from the present imperfect egg-shape, which conceals the correct placement of her twelve crystal facets. Also, the deteriorating condition of her atmosphere needs fixing and a number of now-sunken continents have to be resurrected.

      Below Mother Earth's surface, her crystalline core is preparing to upgrade her present rate of pulsation. Currently, this rate is just below the magical level of thirteen. Thirteen is important because it signifies the prime number of tangents by which the divine vortex of Heaven and the great spiral of physicality interact with each other. Hence, thirteen has long been considered by many ancient faiths to be the sacral number. This truth was buried in the many distortions foisted upon the world by the rise of the West. In practice, these thirteen intersections were usually added to the seven directions by these ancient faiths, thus creating the next sacral number of twenty. We merely recount this to explain that much of the knowledge that brings your reality to life is either lost, or is misused by your contemporary realm. Mother Earth uses this knowledge to regulate her pulse and vivify the reality she so lovingly encompasses. It is important to bear in mind always that she is not only alive, but is as complex a creature as you are. At present, she is moving swiftly toward the moment of your joint Ascension.

      The pulse of the core vivifies the electromagnetic fields that surround her. These extend out interdimensionally and become both her living aura and her spiritual essence. These fields interact with those of the Sun and her sister planets in this solar system. Eventually, they even reach the galactic core and are extended to all of Creation. Hence, this living Being and her spiritual essence are connected to all of life wherever it exists in Creation. In physicality, Mother Earth is a large vehicle for housing humanity. Humanity, as the divine invited guest, needs to understand the wonder and joy of Mother Earth. Your role, dear Children, is to embrace and feel this both emotionally and spiritually. Mother Earth makes her changes slowly and follows the progress of her human children. She desires your success and so functions in a way that supports you. Occasionally, her actions are intended to remind you of her particular needs. Remember that Mother Earth is orchestrating an elaborate resurfacing of those parts of her that were merely temporarily sunk by mankind's fall into limited consciousness.

     Mother Earth, like most planets, is divided into seven basic parts. These are: the central core, the inner realms, the mantle just above the inner realms, the surface crust, the lower atmosphere and firmaments, the upper atmosphere, and the aural and spiritual fields. Each of these segments has special needs. The central core is roughly equivalent to your brain. It uses electrical and magnetic fields to process data about the reality that surrounds Mother Earth and all living entities that reside both on and in her. The meridians on the surface and in the atmosphere are connected to the core and act much like your nervous system. In this way, information goes back and forth as required from the core to the appropriate parts of this living body. Earthquakes, auroras, volcanic eruptions, and so forth are merely ways of maintaining the living systems of your planet. Achieving a viable equilibrium of these many complex systems is how she sustains herself. Your task is to understand this better and use it to help her survive.

      To many who study the Earth, the prime driver is the Sun. They thus fail to understand how a planetary system truly operates. Each planet is like a small sun; she contains a living core that heats her and keeps her warm. The Sun acts as the transmitter of the energies coming from the galactic core. These life energies enable the planetary cores to provide not only warmth, but also the life energies that permit a living ecosystem of many plants and animals to thrive and evolve. This harboring of life is a sacred joy to any planet given this option by Creation. The most divine option is to be able to shelter highly sentient Beings. This has the added benefit of lengthening the life span of this specially chosen world. Therefore, every world so selected is most happy to provide a home for her very special company. Mother Earth is no exception to this universal rule.

      The long history of your world is permeated with Beings who came here to fulfill the natural symbiosis between a highly sentient society and Mother Earth. Many failed. Only the ancient land-based ancestors of your cetaceans obtained the trust and complete Love of Mother Earth. It was this natural symbiosis that led directly to the rise of your distant ancestors in the Vega system, a part of the constellation of Lyra. Thus it was divine fate that first brought your ancestors here some two million years ago. As you gaze in wonder at the cosmos, know that you are children both of the cosmos and of this most blessed orb. The Light drove you across the Light Years of galactic space to this predestined spot that you call home, and this was done for a reason! This green and blue orb has a great destiny; in fulfilling yours, you also comply with the one given to her by the Creator.

      In this message, we reminded you that Earth is a living Being. We elaborated a bit on how she operates and how, as all living organisms, she collects and redistributes the data necessary to sustain herself. The spiritual essence that is her core is, however, slightly different from yours: Planets, stars, and solar systems are primarily electro-gravitic in nature. This limits them to a specific type of life form. You, on the other hand, are electromagnetic, which allows you to express yourselves in a virtually limitless array of life forms. Gravity pre-forms space and, in so doing, sets up the extensive conditions within which any given reality can potentially be formulated. Within this framework, life forms, like yourselves, can move gracefully throughout and between plethoras of similarly constituted realities.

      This ability to move so effectively in space has allowed you to develop procedures that can greatly enhance your reality. In your present form, however, the dark created the conditions for you to stray from your true purpose. Now as you return to your pristine state as physical Angels, you need to relearn the relationships hinted at in this and other messages. It is time for you not only to regain your former wisdom, but also to merge with Mother Earth in ways that you cannot yet even imagine! This is to be one of your first responsibilities with the coming of your new reality; you can then graciously return the selfless Love she has shown you by supporting her and helping her in her ascension. This mutual support will carry you both to a most glorious destiny! Remember, Together, We are all truly Victorious!

      Today, we continued our discussion about the natural symbiosis between Mother Earth and you. We ask that you look upon your beautiful home as a most special place. We urge you to learn from the deep Love and respect that the ancient and indigenous peoples of your world have for her. We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven is indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

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