Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

       9 Ix, 2 Uo, 12 Eb        

Selamat Jarin! We return, dear Hearts, with more to tell you! Events are continuing to move forward to their destined outcome. Meanwhile, on board the ships of our fleet, we are progressing with our preparations for the next stage of our first contact mission which has now reached a decisive point. As agreed to with your Ascended Masters, we are assuming a more active role in assuring that our Earth allies be protected from any potential difficulties during the next phases of their monumental task. We have increased the personnel of our on-planet observation network and assigned a specialized defense force equipped with the most effective technologies for protecting them. At the request of our top-level Andromedan negotiator, we increased the number of specialized liaison teams assigned to this project and their sole purpose is to assist her diplomatic staff in the swift completion of their most arduous undertaking.

      As we monitor your world, we notice your secret government using the hyperactivity of your Sun as a convenient cover for their secret activities of weather control, generating earthquakes, and affecting other nefarious interferences in your atmosphere, oceans, and landmasses. They intend to harass our efforts and to show their ongoing defiance of Heaven, your growth toward the Light, and, above all, of our mission to your world. The Ascended Masters asked us to monitor these intrigues and to intervene directly only when these secret government devices reach a predetermined level of activity. Until now, this skullduggery has remained just within bounds. However, we are well aware that, when these dark denizens feel their backs against the wall, they are sure to escalate this meddling to levels where we can legally intervene. Their cracks at weather management, mind control, and their use of chemical concoctions to stall your rise in consciousness have been most amusing to watch. We deeply regret the unpleasant and sometimes dangerous effects that these compounds have on many of you. They are to blame for much general malaise, many influenzas, and rarely, some very serious diseases.

      The primary agenda of this last dark cabal is, at all costs, to weather this present economic, financial, and diplomatic storm. The vast financial debt they incurred to the global community and to some powerful multinational organizations is not, in their eyes, of dire importance. They believe that these consequences can be avoided indefinitely. The concerted actions taken against them in the past few weeks, however, are starting to sink in, and in recent negotiations definite signs of worry were beginning to show. A degree of confidence nonetheless prevails, and it is their intention to find a way out of their present dilemmas. They have, after all, survived many previous, determined attempts to oust them from power. Knowing this, our 'negotiator extraordinaire' is escalating her pressure tactics with the purpose of disabusing them completely of their illusions. Consequently, the financial and legal advantages shared by our Earth allies are being used against them to their fullest extent.

      The most important operation now is the removal of this last cabal from its powerful position in North America. Its control of this major government needs to be terminated as soon as possible. This is, of course, the most challenging of all the requirements of the 1998 Agreement. Nonetheless, the legal machinery required to effect this phase of our Earth allies' mission is in place, bolstered by overwhelming documented proof, amassed from around the world, of this cabal's complicity in many treacherous activities. This pile of evidence will prove conclusively to the public why this cabal had to be removed from power. These public announcements will then detail the program to rapidly restore constitutional government. Our formal introduction will be delayed until deemed appropriate by your Ascended Masters. It is vital that we remain behind the scenes until the new acting governments prove their commitment to the guidance of Heaven.

      This role of monitoring your world was awarded us many years ago by Heaven. It is a role we welcomed, as it permitted us to garner information and a sound understanding of the power politics of our Earth allies. This data now allows us to function as an effective off-world partner to this motley coalition of powerful individuals and groups. Because these allies' modus operandi is largely competitive at top echelons of power, our experienced liaison role is considered useful in expediting the many tasks facing the interim governments during the first 120 days following the demise of this last cabal. Furthermore, the Ascended Masters require that we use our position, when necessary, to ensure that certain policies be swiftly implemented in these early days, including the re-chartering of corporations, the enacting of new environmental policies, and the establishment of a new, democratic common law and political system.

      These regimes also need to set up a new central banking system in North America and a global currency based on precious metals. They must fully endorse the policies for spreading the abundance programs worldwide and forge a new legal and political system. The result is to be a common law court system in America and the guarantee of open and fair democratic elections. An honestly elected, new government will then maintain and expand upon the work of the interim regime. A system guaranteeing global harmony and an end to war is to be put in place by the international community of nations, leading to a new UN charter that assigns to the UN a new peace-keeping role. In short, the old international order is to be completely dismantled.

      With this new reality in place, it will be much easier for us to achieve the final aspects of first contact. Remember that an essential part of this process is your committed involvement in it. You need to be prepared to 'roll up your trousers and wade right in'. Much work will be needed to change your communities and to make full use of the myriad opportunities that will be available to you all. This time is about potentializing your civilization to the utmost in order to transform your planet, your fellows, and yourselves. Events will occur rapidly, like a volley of arrows, with each profound shift following swiftly upon the heels of the last. There will be little time to dawdle once the 'big moves' are put in motion. This all-encompassing and far-reaching transformation will be directed by your Ascended Masters, your new governments, and us.

      As you can see, much is waiting to manifest before you. The last roadblocks are being dismantled. A new attitude is apparent among our Earth allies and they are refocused on achieving success. As this energy builds, the light at the end of the tunnel approaches rapidly. This growing potential pleases us, but the acid test is action. Happily, we are seeing much movement and fully expect, therefore, that significant breakthroughs have indeed occurred. Now, the final push needs to be effected! To this end, we have asked our Earth allies to establish deadlines. We are determined upon your victory and want to ensure that what you have been promised be duly delivered. Hence, we have moved the agenda forward and now stand on the brink of a magnificent triumph.

      Today, we reviewed what is happening on your world and what is to happen shortly. Our commitment is to complete those tasks assigned to us by your Ascended Masters, among the most important of which is ensuring that our Earth allies now carry out their part in these proceedings. We have brought in an enormously talented negotiator and many constructive breakthroughs are now occurring. We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven is indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

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