Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

        3 Chicchan, 8 Uo, 1 Caban        

Selamat Jarin! We return, dear Ones, with more to discuss with you! As you prepare for a truly momentous change, let us talk about the events involved with first contact and how the immediate post-contact world is to look. A process begun in the 18th century by Saint Germain and completed by a special investment group is now ready to bloom on your world. This profound transformation of your financial resources is to be accompanied by a series of important laws designed to bring about personal and national debt forgiveness, an end to the present fractional banking system, and the dismissal of a number of major illegal regimes. This much needed legislation will throw the last dark cabal from power and usher in an era of peace, global cooperation and, for the first time, worldwide prosperity. Shortly thereafter, announcements will be issued by these newly designated governments about the Galactic Federation's existence and its benevolence. This will be followed by a series of preliminary statements from us about first contact. These are intended to prepare you for our arrival on your shores.

      Shortly after our arrival, Mother Earth's Ascended Masters will reveal themselves to you. These special Beings intend to increase the positive high-energy fields and control grids to levels that will make it impossible for the skullduggery of the dark to continue. Moreover, the Ascended Masters want to impart to your global society the fundamental truths that, long ago, were so distorted by the dark's earth-bound minions. The restoration of these basic concepts will allow the major religious and philosophical divisions of your world to be finally healed. The age-old disputes as to your true origins can also be put to rest. Your world was divided by the twisted truths of the dark for millennia; now it is time for you to learn the truth about the sacred missions of many Ascended Masters and be directly addressed by these great Soul forces that incarnated on your world in order to seed your major global religions. You are to be freed from the nonsensical doctrines decreed by the dark in their name. These revelations can help you to learn your role of planetary guardians and graciously fathom the workings of Heaven.

      Before we arrive, the massive release of the so-called prosperity funds will manifest. Then, in the first 72 hours after this event, the regime changes will take place and laws, until now kept secret and in abeyance, will officially be proclaimed and put into effect. In addition, many amazing devices, concealed for decades, are to be unveiled and demonstrated to the world. Next, a complex procedure to recharter all the world's corporations will be carried out and completed within 60 days. A designated global watchdog taskforce will oversee this highly involved operation. To help start an immense global clean up of your world, technology long suppressed by your ruling elite will be released. All this is to be merely a prelude to our mass landing operations. Upon our arrival, we will add our technologies to yours, and together they can permit you to rapidly cleanse your planet's water, air, and land. Nonetheless, this will be only the start of a great cycle of planetary renewal.

      Via our technology, you will learn how we can restore the various fossil fuels, minerals, and gases that have been so harmfully extracted from Mother Earth. All living Beings need particular elements in their make-up in order to remain healthy. The Industrial/Petroleum Age created enormous greed that resulted not only in large-scale pollution but also in the most brainless and self-defeating attempts to enslave you that the world has ever seen! Many of the Anunnaki's minions were resolved to complete the many heinous plans begun shortly before the unforeseen demise of Atlantis. Thus, this present age continued the playing out of their "game" of greed and arrogance, which is now leading inescapably to their doom. Saint Germain foresaw all this and so used his considerable skills to assure their most appropriate downfall. The many instruments he set in motion for the advancement of democracy and for the education of the masses proved to be this world's great salvation.

      Mother Earth requires that the materials pumped out of her in such great quantities be restored. These materials are part of the system that helps to move the tectonic plates and, when necessary, to lock them together. An insufficient quantity of these sticky, gooey substances at the intersection of two major plates resulted in the Sumatra earthquake of last December. We propose to remedy this perilous deficiency by giving you the means to recreate and replace all the petroleum removed from Mother Earth in the last two centuries. However, we cannot do this until the global petroleum industry is permanently shut down. Once this is done, we can, together, begin the replacement procedure. Your role as Earth guardians is to keep your planet and solar system in abundant health. For this, you need to adopt new technologies and move on from your current hierarchical model of society.

      Petroleum is only one of the many elements that your planet needs for her health; another is ozone. The ozone layers of your atmosphere must be restored as well. Once this is done, these layers can lower the amount of radiation now streaming into your world, and this in turn can stabilize the most dense and most vital part of your atmosphere. Indeed, the first 36,000 feet or so of atmosphere are critical for sustaining your present troposphere (the lowest level) and the next layer, the stratosphere. The key is to allow the natural oxidation levels of your lower atmosphere to return to former levels, between 23 and 36%. These higher levels will increase your own degree of health and permit the upward seepage of oxygen into the upper atmosphere, thus quickly restoring the ozone layers.

      In short, the petroleum age is to abruptly end, to be replaced by the new electrical and Light, age. This swift change can greatly help your planet and offset the grave dangers posed by the mass extraction of petroleum. Your secret government long had the remedy for this in the form of new transportation systems; these vehicles have interplanetary and interstellar abilities. Our input is to update these devices and begin a safer and more practical means for making them. Even if your industries were redirected, they would still rely on fossil fuels to provide the basic materials for assembling the many types of items you buy on a daily basis. Since you can no longer use materials from the body of Mother Earth for your necessities of life, we can give you a family of devices that create directly from interdimensional Light and can supply all your material needs.

      These Light processors are built to any size and designed to create, in the twinkling of an eye, whatever you desire. They bestow anything from food, clothing, and houses to vehicles and even motherships. It is this technology that permits us to create our global societies and sustain them as needed. What is required is the wisdom to discern the difference between what is needed, and the often-shocking whims of the ego. These Light processors turn your sincere ideas for your own needs and those of your communities into abundant reality. Then, when everyone is fed, clothed, and housed, your vast gift for creativity and joy can be given free rein. These devices are not toys; they are the way to set you free and to allow your potential to soar. To this end, we intend to oversee the use of these tools during the early days. Remember, Together, We are Victorious!

      Today, we reviewed the initial fundamentals of our first contact with you. We also went over what is to happen prior to our arrival. We then touched on what will be put into effect once we land on your most beautiful shores. We take this opportunity to thank you for your gracious support and commitment in helping us to complete this most vital mission. We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven is indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

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