Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

       10 Cauac, 7 Yaxk'in, 13 Eb        

Greetings, dear Hearts! We arrive again with more to talk about. As you now know, the Light is secretly preparing the way for your new reality to suddenly emerge. Your new reality will manifest in the public domain as a result of many covert actions designed to topple the present dark regime from power. This final push, currently being prepared, will trigger the events that will spring an enormously complex and deadly trap. Bear in mind that the groups of power-hungry politicos who comprise this last cabal are extensively experienced in the power and money games of your world. Our Earth allies had to apply excessive caution and attentiveness to detail to ensure the success of their goals. All had to appear to be normal and above suspicion. However, a few "threatening" events were devised at great risk to force this cabal into making mistakes in judgment that played into the Earth allies' hands. The design of this complex ambush uses similar strategy. All now dovetails neatly into a wide-ranging snare. This exceptional stratagem will at once de-claw them and force them to resign en masse.

      As we watch this plan unfold, we appreciate the way our Earth allies are "hoisting them on their own petard". Their greed, lust for power, and amorality in general renders them liable to fall for certain ploys and temptations. This inherent weakness of theirs lies at the core of the strategies being used against them. Remember that money and power are their sole interests. Any other professed concerns are devices for hoodwinking the populace. Behind this smoke screen, they illegally attained and now maintain their power. The critical ruse is to get them to overextend themselves both financially and politically. The success of this ploy has given us the evidence to initiate secret, international, legal proceedings against them. A new global financial system, which divests them of their present authority, is also about to take over from the old. As you can see, their hour of triumph is being circumscribed, and soon this dark cabal will be relegated to the "dustbin of history".

      Those of us in Heaven watching over you are elated at what is now happening. We ask you to stay focused and committed to the coming victory. Around you, huge numbers of souls are awakening. These recent additions to your ever-growing numbers are a most positive sign of what lies ahead. Your reality is shifting toward the Light and doing so at an exponential rate. Despite the outer trappings of an illegal war in the Middle East and a sky rocketing fiscal debt, your world is in fact preparing for global peace and universal prosperity. Your recent effort at sharing information with each other to counter the falsities and lies perpetrated upon you is helping enormously to advance the Truth on your world. Heaven has also secured on your behalf the blessing of the Creator, and a torrent of Blessings and sacred decrees are continuously pouring down upon you. This great spiritual wealth can be compared to divine promissory notes of financial abundance and political freedom that is yours for the taking. Be mindful of the power this confers and what a glorious future can be yours!

      The Galactic Federation of Light is using its proximity to your world to advance the goals of our Earth allies and evolve the cause of first contact. First contact has matured into a great watershed separating your present reality from the new one. This great rise in consciousness is specified in the divine plan, and the part we play in your destiny is to simply guide and prepare you for full consciousness. We are acting out of benevolence and a deep desire to sustain the present galactic peace. We have therefore done everything permitted by Heaven to move first contact toward a timely conclusion. During the course of our mission here, we have watched your last dark cabal scorn the needs of its peers and even defy the wishes of their masters, the Anunnaki. A conversion to the Light led the Anunnaki to transform their former dark convictions. And now this final conflict between Light and dark is fated to end with the defeat of this last cabal.

      As first contact moves toward its moment of realization, we see that a re-evaluation of our mission is needed. Initially, we were simply to land among you en masse. But your circumstances swiftly indicated a need for guidance to return your world to full consciousness. Now, first contact has developed into a series of diplomatic agreements with our Earth allies and a vast network of accompanying support. The nature of this support will inevitably precipitate us into an overt role that triggers open first contact. However, new members of our organization wish your world to move swiftly from a limited to a fully conscious reality, which requires us to re-assess the priorities and protocols of this mission. As a result, we have asked our Earth allies to speed up the springing of their well-designed trap. And to this end, we have moved many resources into position to allow them to do this. Now, all these measures are ready to bear fruit.

      You may have noticed of late an increase in our ships in your night sky. Most are observation scouts that are disguised as stars. Some are large, strobing objects, and others can resemble meteor showers. These are motherships whose mission is to coordinate the implementation of certain "surprises", with which we intend to confound this cabal and its secret arsenal of exotic weaponry. We intend to turn the tables on this cabal, so that, far from furthering their efforts, these weapons will actually be instrumental in destroying their power base. In light of this, we ardently request our Earth allies to act soon. Whatever is still needed, dear Friends, we will supply upon request. The time has come to expedite and conclude these vital matters. This unscrupulous regime is close to instigating a number of fateful and dire events.

      To prevent this, we have prepared certain scenarios that will require more overt intersession, which until now has been unnecessary due to our overwhelming technical superiority. But this dark cabal has increasingly fallen back on rarely used "weapons of last resort", and this threat has raised a large red flag. The integrity of Mother Earth and even your future have been called into question by some of the schemes being contemplated by this cabal. Our response has been to set up a team of specialists to counter this latest threat, headed by our command board and high-ranking elements of the defense forces of the Sirian Regional Federation Council. This special action team has the capability to neutralize any such actions before they are even initiated.

      As you learn what is truly happening upon your world, you can perceive many exciting possibilities. We will ensure that these uplifting visions do indeed manifest before you. And again we warn all who work toward a "different" goal to take note of us in your night sky and to understand fully the dire consequences of your criminal actions against Mother Earth and the people of this world. To those who hold the Light, know in your hearts that your future is bright and just around the corner. We in Heaven and in the Galactic Federation of Light are utterly committed to your victory! We have a profound understanding of the many variables involved in this undertaking and are unyielding in our determination to walk you successfully down your chosen path to your grand victory. The time for the completion of this first contact draws ever closer. We await the final worldwide celebrations! Remember, Together, We are Victorious!

      Today, we have discussed what is covertly happening on your world. We also wish those who desire a different future to accede defeat. Know that no amount of carefully planned manipulation, coercion, or deceit can possibly save you from your overthrow. We ask you, dear Hearts, to remain committed and focused upon the Light's inevitable victory! We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven in indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and in Joy!)

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