Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

       11 Etznab, 11 Pax, 12 Manik        

Greetings, dear Hearts! We return with more to tell you! Lately, your world has continued to sit on the edge of incredible changes. This delaying of the inevitable is caused by the need to complete various aspects of the financial abundance programs and to implement the complex and radical procedures that will produce a new American government. These different proceedings are interdependent, and problems in one area inevitably affect the whole. Further obstacles are being continually thrown up by the present, illegal American government, and various notorious dictators in Africa, Asia, and the Americas are effecting numerous illegal machinations as they attempt to cling to their power bases. These factors all contribute, unwittingly or otherwise, to the delays to our plans. Nevertheless, our Earth allies remain focused upon their vital goal and will soon be victorious! Our intention is to assist them in their endeavors and to ensure this greatly anticipated success.

      Our fleet remains at the ready. The Moon base, the Mars headquarters, and our inner-Earth bases are also completely dedicated to the completion of this first contact mission. This mission, as we have said before, has put our fleet and our bases into every corner of this solar system. The vital cog in these proceedings nonetheless is you. Our Earth allies and all Beings on Mother Earth dedicated to this venture are united in their determination to secure a peaceful and harmonious way of life for this planet. Our joint task is to do what is necessary to make sure that this new reality is indeed manifested on Mother Earth. This task has taken much longer than we initially envisioned, but your determination and diligence have ensured this mission's continuation. Also, the firm and loving guidance of your Ascended Masters has shepherded us, as one body, toward our certain triumph. Master Saint Germain and his magnificent companions have proven time and again that our joint operations are not in vain. In fact, they are merely the first, awkward steps in a magnificent quest.

      This 'magnificent quest' is of course the splendid future that lies ahead for us all. This future is moving steadily toward its planned, divine outcome and the factors leading us to these eventualities can be divided into three main parts. The first is the crumbling of the old guard: the last dark cabal. Everywhere they turn, their ill-intentioned plans are failing. The world financial community has rejected their advances, and a growing coalition of major, global players is currently working to bring about their swift demise. Their imminent, financial ruin is being accelerated by the loss of the political support that they have traditionally relied on. Many of their allies from around the world have jumped ship and either secretly or openly oppose their grab for world dominance, thus hastening their exit from the world scene. This illegal regime now has no recourse but to use its dwindling power to place an iron grip on the transfer of any funds that pass through North America. This desperation reveals its growing panic.

      As this old guard falls from grace, a new, diverse group of well-intentioned movers and shakers prepares to replace them in major positions of power. This coming world coup d'etat is the next phase of this operation. These intrepid and marvelous individuals and groups are of course the ones we call our 'Earth allies'. As stated earlier, they are quietly coalescing behind the scenes and working out the final kinks in their plans. Remember that it is not easy, even with vast financial resources, to completely overhaul the political regimes of four major world governments. This ambitious undertaking required a plan of such depth and daunting degree of detail and coordination as to appear overwhelming even to the most stouthearted and resolute among us. It is small wonder that the last few steps are taking a bit longer than desired. And despite all odds, the results are about to swiftly materialize before you. We are now helping to manifest this event and to release this world from the harmful grip of this last dark cabal.

      The final part of these proceedings is our arrival on your beautiful shores. We look forward to the public broadcasts that will announce our presence. Your splendid efforts can then begin on a global scale. The tasks before you include a massive purging of the pollution that has defiled your world for decades. You will be introduced to an enormous array of technologies that have been either suppressed, or hidden from you, and also to a whole new off-world science. These will allow you to eradicate pollution-causing industry, epidemic diseases, and other causes of degenerative, physical afflictions. You will be healing Mother Earth and yourselves. You will meet your spiritual and space families, and this will, at long last, herald the end to your long, dark night.

      The completion of these three steps has been ascertained. The divine plan has already decreed them into being, and your Ascended Masters are busily manifesting them. Their agents on the Earth plane are fully committed to this successful conclusion. It is to this end that we came to your world over a decade ago. Our medical teams and counselors note how the level of consciousness in your society increases exponentially each year. This process is part of what you have called the "Ascension of humanity" and is another aspect of the divine plan, as are those who are now actively working to bring this into being. All these factors combine to make your wondrous new world inevitable. The moment, when the 'first domino' of your new reality falls, is imminent and subject to exquisitely precise, divine timing.

      The cogs and wheels of this engine for change are at once enormously intricate, and yet sublimely simple, because of the nature of the divine Love inundating this realm. Every level and dimension of Heaven knows how inevitable is the emergence of the latent potential in every one of you. This potential cannot be crushed out of you or in any way suppressed from your being; your Creator cements it forever into your soul. This awesome impulse has already determined the total defeat of the dark on your world, and this last segment of your 'time' is merely for fomenting what has already happened on other levels. This is why we can say that your victory is assured. Know that your present lives spent largely in survival mode are to be imminently transformed by the manifesting of the divine plan. This divine Intent is a mighty force whose time has come!

      Our teachers and counselors have devised a program to guide you through the last steps to full consciousness. We can then help you to readjust to this truly divine state of being. Your sisters and brothers from the inner-Earth realm of Agharta will also assist you in this. They have great knowledge to impart to you about the extensive abilities of your spiritual selves. This 'quiet revolution' is spiritual in nature and is designed to end your separation from the many parts of you that once formed a grand, united whole. This 'reunited you' requires a new reality, founded on moral and spiritual integrity and dedicated to the Creator's divine plan. These imperatives will expunge your present concepts of yourselves and will replace them with an integrated, or 'holy', identity. You will then be ready to assume your sacred task: creating your own galactic society and forging your new star-nation. We in the Galactic Federation await you!

      Today, we talked about many things, most important of which are those events preparing to manifest suddenly before you. We simply continue to ask that you remain committed and focused upon your new reality, and all that it entails. Be ready in your Heart and mind to act when called upon to do so. We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven is indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

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