Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

       5 Muluc, 17 Zip, 13 Eb        

Greetings! We return, dear Hearts, with more items to discuss with you. Our fleet is maintaining its more aggressive stance. The purpose of this is to emphasize to those who oppose first contact that such an activity is futile. The time has arrived for those in your governments who have a say in these matters to cease and desist their opposition to our inevitable arrival on your shores. Your Ascended Masters assure us that the time for contact draws closer with each passing day, in anticipation of which we have increased our surveillance of your last cabal and its many field agents. Their growing desperation mounts by the day. A vast body of documented evidence, which clearly demonstrates the extent of their past perfidious actions, is starting to see the light of day. Furthermore, many individuals formerly associated with their treacherous deeds have agreed to come forward when necessary and validate the evidence compiled by this last cabal's many accusers. This cabal's North American government is tottering and can shortly be consigned to the dustbin of history.

      Despite the fact that defeat is staring them in the face, the members of this government remain as defiant as ever. Even as they escalate their ominous criminal activities, they remain unrepentant and unwilling to relinquish their illegally obtained positions of power. Hence, your Ascended Masters have worked diligently to forge a plan with our Earth allies to unseat them. Even as we speak, many activities are being put in motion that will shortly cause their most deserved end. A crucial development is a strengthening alliance between various governmental, financial, and military groups. They all share a great yearning to rid themselves of these unyielding tyrants. A complex plan has therefore been both agreed upon and locked into its start-up mode. It is now only a matter of a very short period before this plan is fully implemented. The reason for the most lengthy preparatory phase of this plan was the formidable intelligence-gathering capability of this last cabal. This threat however has been transcended; the plan has reached its "fail safe" stage, and the final steps are assured of success.

      In the meantime, our task, as noted previously, is to limit this cabal's ability to do mischief. It is their intention to somehow create a situation wherein a state of martial law can be instituted. So far, their many nasty schemes have happily 'foundered'. Our defense teams and their liaison personnel thwarted some pretty distressing scenarios. These include attacks upon every major city in North America as well as various high-risk sites such as nuclear power stations and urban electrical facilities. Numerous airports were also targeted as disbursement sites for bio-chemical agents. All of these attempts were nipped in the bud by our careful monitoring and swift response capabilities. Yet, threats remain a daily concern. This cabal's on going war on its citizens reveals its amorality and unyielding lust for power. They still hope to find a weak point and thus achieve a much-needed success. Our answer to them is that this longed-for incident will never happen. We ask them instead to accept the absolute futility of pursuing their risky goals and to know that the game is up. Their end is approaching!

     As the noose around them tightens, their desperation grows. We are closely monitoring all military bases and supply depots to ensure that their terrifying plots do not manifest. There is nothing that they might not attempt. The high stress levels of major failure can bring out the worst in many humans on your world, and these particular ones seem hell bent on breaking the record. We have watched them at some of their meetings plotting the most grotesque schemes and were appalled by what they were seriously considering. We cannot in good faith describe this to you. Just be aware of the depths to which they have sunk. These individuals are fortunately the last of their ilk. Their going will be marked by nothing less than a great contempt for what they perpetrated and also, happily, what they did not manage to carry out. Be aware of how close they came to their goals, and recognize that it was the fact of your divine destiny that forestalled them. You have a glorious future to fulfill, and Heaven desires that you do so!

      This operation to liberate you from the last vestiges of this dark cabal is now moving forward. All those involved have played their part scrupulously. Our role, as noted, includes a massive monitoring of your world in which a certain amount of leeway is granted us. Thus we have decided upon a program to reveal ourselves to you that is proving to be successful on all fronts. Your civilian air transportation sector, police forces, and eagle-eyed citizenry became ever more aware of our existence. This trend we intend to increase by the week. We have also assumed a more open profile during our surveillance of many military sites. These overt maneuvers are accompanied by a warning to these sites that we are poised to lock down and decommission instantly any site that demonstrates an initiation of hostile action against any citizenry. We have also reiterated our full-scale support of the military contingent of our Earth allies.

      Our primary goal remains first contact. The complexity of this mission has expanded enormously over the past decade. Many elements not usually involved in a standard first contact have become normal for this one. Your Ascended Masters are graciously preparing your world to overcome the anticipated mass shock. We desire to transform this reaction rapidly into unprecedented global rejoicing. To this end, we have adjusted our mass entry scenario many times. We understand much better now the feelings of your global society to our sudden open appearance in your skies, and this has led to more effective ways to inform you of our existence. We also have a 'fail safe' contingency plan to be implemented if the present scheme isn't completed according to the divine time schedule. This will be our ultimate course of action. In any event, we shall land upon your shores, and shortly!

      As first contact draws near, we have increased the number of liaison teams and managerial boards assigned to this mission. Our diplomatic corps has similarly been expanded. Our first concern is to ensure the success of our Earth allies. Their plans are well coordinated, and each stage has many possible and highly detailed contingency plans. This scrupulousness provides them with a basis for success. Our role is to contribute whatever is necessary and to prepare for first contact. We repeat, we shall succeed, and all our mutual desires shall be manifested. Mother Earth, in accordance with these plans, is escalating her return to full consciousness. The Sun and the entire solar system are likewise increasing the intensity required for these alternations. The moment for the 'flip' in your reality is drawing closer with each new day.

      It is important for you to remain upbeat and to know how close this shift truly is. Know also that the gloom on your world is merely the 'darkest hour before the dawn'. The Light is poised to help you create a new, golden reality. This new reality is becoming more real with each passing moment. Be focused, and understand the vital importance of holding steadfast to your belief in your victory. Many powerful groups and individuals are working flat out to achieve this success. When you feel stymied, bear in mind the extent of what is being done. This quiet revolution of yours needs time to 'congeal'. After all, it is undoing nearly 13 millennia of darkness, control, and tyranny. Ponder on this, and value all that is being done. Remember, Together We are Victorious!

      Today, we continued our discussion of first contact and what is secretly occurring on your world. It may seem at times that we are droning on, marking time, and at others that we are giving a much needed pep talk. We ask that you view these discussions simply as a means for us to convey the positive news of our joint successes and to remind you that your first contact with us is both very close and, above all, inevitable. We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven is indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

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