Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

       9 Chicchan, 13 Xul, 13 Eb        

Greetings, dear Ones! We return with much to tell you. Your present reality continues to transform at a most amazing rate! Those forces on your world seeking to institute a new way are making progress toward their goal. Just beneath the surface of your known reality is another one waiting to be born. The battle between old and new grows frantic and consists of feverish maneuvering that in many respects resembles the final round of a chess tournament between two grand masters; the moves are subtle and filled with much import for what is to follow. Your last dark cabal is, as you would expect, strategizing to the hilt. This cabal's games have either stalemated or failed, and their last desperate thrust now approaches its final fateful moves. Our Earth allies have planned carefully and stealthily for these coming moments in your history. This imminent shift in power symbolizes the manifesting of a new reality, in which you shall at last make a first contact with your celestial ancestors and restore your true spiritual roots.

      We have given you the gist of this many times before. What makes the present scenario so significant is the way in which Heaven has arrayed the current tactics to reflect the many sacred decrees of Lord Surea. This Creation now arrives at a point where its myriad potentials virtually dovetail with one another. This moment in your history specifies a profound transformation. Because Heaven preordains this change, its outcome can be accurately predicted. And those who seek to devolve your world into an even darker state are doomed by the conditions swirling around you. Heaven has intervened and set up a number of divine obstacles to the fiendish intrigues of the dark. In addition, we, in the Galactic Federation, have come to your shores in commanding numbers. This grand fleet is poised at Heaven's behest to intervene suddenly in your affairs. Your last cabal knows this, and their actions demonstrate both their contempt and their considerable respect for what we can do. They are at once stubbornly in denial of our presence and yet fearful of our manifest intentions.

      To comprehend the truth of what is occurring, it is necessary to view your world as being in transition. On the surface, all appears to be in chaos. An illusory 'war on terrorism' has split up former allies and pitted the powerful against one another. This struggle is tearing apart the last remnants of global stability established at the conclusion of your last world war. These circumstances would normally indicate the arrival of another 'arranged' global conflict. Even the once-mighty economy of North America is again on the verge of a collapse not seen since your last great economic depression. These omens might imply that the great chaos aspired to by your dark cabal is indeed manifesting. However, to the contrary, a huge abundance program is about to be circulated. This ambitious project will end this chaos and be the instrument that routs this cabal from power. Such a scheme requires great stealth and secrecy. This has been aided in part by putting out many false rumors of its dispersal, which disappointed its intended recipients, but also cheered this dark cabal. Nevertheless, this abundance will appear suddenly, unexpectedly.

      Surprise is a vital element in the Light's arsenal. The moment we are to strike is known only to Heaven and to those most closely involved in these proceedings. This necessary ploy caused various aspects of our Earth allies' stratagems to take longer than desired to come to a state of readiness. We tell you this to help relieve some of the anxiety that grips many of you. Never doubt our imminent success; like the allied invasion of Normandy in World War II, this abundance program is an essential ingredient of our mutual victory. Those working in the upper levels of your international banking systems know of the existence of this abundance program, as do those engaged in the secret machinations of your international legal systems know of our involvement in dismantling this dark cabal. And yet no one in the banking sector knows how or when the Light will perform her great miracle. This stealth guarantees the success of what lies just ahead.

      Your dark cabal, at present, considers itself omnipotent. Its deplorable manipulation of the electoral system has consolidated its power. But under the surface, a quiet revolution of immense proportions is brewing. Those preparing this rebirth of democracy are moving into position to execute a carefully planned counterstroke. Remember, the vital constituent is surprise. On the surface, all appears to be controlled, but yet also at the mercy of deliberate sabotage. Allowing this cabal to retain the illusion of 'having the situation well in hand' is a necessary deception to disguise the grand strategy preparing to topple them from power. Clearly, we cannot say more at this time. Just know in your hearts that this moment is truly upon you! Hold the energy for this certain success. In this way, you show Heaven how deeply you desire the end of this most villainous of governments.

      Meanwhile, the assigned forces of the Galactic Federation of Light are still in position to observe and prevent, when necessary, certain actions by the covert contingents of the dark cabal. These proceedings fall into three categories: the observation crews, the defense forces, and the intelligence operations. Each is tied into the corresponding elements of our Earth allies' forces. Our joint actions are thus coordinated and allow us to share important information concerning what has been thwarted, or what is about to occur. Our forces are also being used as security backup for the planned overthrow of this dark regime. Because of our involvement in these undertakings, we can divulge no more of this. And again for obvious reasons, we ask you to hold the energy for success.

      As you can see, a concerted effort to loosen the grip of this dark cabal is underway. Much has already taken effect to weaken the economic control of this cabal. These include decrees by many central banks and their governments to no longer support the policies of this regime. This has drained power from the currency used by this cabal, challenging their feeling of invulnerability. The panic developing on many levels of this great global octopus has been temporarily offset by the success of their recent North American electoral adventures. And yet this cabal knows that it is at a crossroads. Nevertheless, its arrogance and belief in its superiority propel it ever forward. But the coming events are to be its Waterloo.

      The fact of their inevitable demise encourages and sustains us. First contact is about the successful transformation of your world and of you. This destined move into full consciousness is the reason we are all here. Hence, it is urgent that you remain centered and calm. Do what is required to move the current situation forward. Recognize in your heart how essential your contributions truly are. These efforts on your part are an important element in what is happening. Your expression, in whatever positive form it takes, helps to move the cause of your freedom and sovereignty in the right direction. In this way, your personal activities magnify the desires of Heaven and enforce the divine decrees of Lord Surea. We are all part of a vast amalgam, a sacred alliance kept together by your wishes and Heaven's desires. Together, We are Victorious!

      Today, we have further discussed what is occurring on your world. We ask you, as many times as necessary, to stay calm and centered. Be prepared to give positive support and to do your heart's prompting to carry this mission to its victory. Bear in mind that we are all part of an immense force bringing us to the moment of our inevitable triumph! We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven is indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

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