Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

        6 Cib, 4 Kumku, 13 Eb        

Selamat Jarin! We return to speak with you again at a most auspicious time in your history! Exactly 229 Gregorian years ago, America declared her independence from the British Crown. This defiant act sounded a clarion call that reverberated around the world. Peoples from across the globe followed suit and solemnly declared their independence from self-elected tyrants and bullies who, by force of arms and flagrant disregard for national sovereignty, have long run rampant on your world. This cry for freedom echoed up to the divine halls of Heaven, where this ardent invocation was met with joy and a grand determination to aid you in this most sacred task. Heaven and the Ascended Masters assured America of her independence 229 years ago; and now the time has come once again for Heaven and her sacred cohorts to assist in the completion of this noble task. Hence, all the Seraphim of the Most Holy and the entirety of your infinite Orders of Sacred Sisterhoods and Brotherhoods come to inform you that this divine moment at last approaches!

      All of you, dear Hearts, are experiencing a reality that is transforming into a new and wondrous world. Yet there are still those among you who scoff at the power of Heaven while they hypocritically espouse and proclaim the major religious teachings of your realm. This duplicity is typical of the Anunnaki's Earth minions who have ruled you from before the beginning of your recorded history. Now the time has arrived when Heaven will no longer tolerate their continuing insolence. Consequently, we have begun the final actions that will free you from this offensive state of slavery. Our Earth allies in conjunction with the Galactic Federation's first contact fleet have reached a point where a great event, to be forever celebrated in your histories, can at last occur. We tell you this now to prepare you for what lies ahead. Many of us have seen the difficulties involved in establishing any degree of freedom on your world, including the need to strike at precisely the right moment. And we are currently facing just such an auspicious point!

      The Armies involved in this most glorious day are taking up their final positions about your planet. In addition, the many fleets of the Galactic Federation, stationed in the skies above Mother Earth, stand ready to act on your behalf. The actions of this last dark cabal have actually brought your world to a state where your very existence is threatened. These circumstances have impressed upon our Earth allies the necessity for immediate action. These actions can short-circuit the horrifying agenda of this last cabal. It is determined to achieve complete global domination and, failing that, the extinction of life on Earth. This demented objective has already created environments on your world that are hostile to life. Moreover, they assiduously pursue the means to permanently ensnare you in a subtle energy "prison" using esoteric technology. These and many other plots, as yet unknown to you, alarm us. Their reprehensible philosophy can no longer be permitted to befoul your realm. Hence, we have come, and are prepared now to reveal the denouement of your present cosmic drama.

      While preparing for these final actions, we have learned how fragile are the loyalties and moral convictions of those who have been given positions of wealth and power. The recent jockeying for positions in the upcoming new governments has shocked those not conversant with your society, and has lead to the weeding out of these unacceptable ones and to the further testing of the other candidates. The lack of integrity in your culture and the deep immorality upon which it is based stuns even the most optimistic among us. This operation took over five years to set up, and yet we know there are still many who will let us down. Thus, we have organized understudies for those unreliable ones. These potential "hiccups" in our plans will not slow us down. Your liberation will be proclaimed! This occasion is to be no mere window-dressing, but is a magnificent, sacred duty performed in glory by those appointed by the grand Orders of Heaven!

      The repercussions of these imminent actions cannot be overstated; they will radically transform the very nature of your realm. These changes are immensely complex, multi-layered, and global in nature. Many of these will be quite imperceptible and others, dramatic, even theatrical. The former will lay the solid foundations of your freedom and your new reality: these include the disbursal of the prosperity funds; the forgiveness of outstanding debt, personal and national; and the issuing of new currencies. The latter comprises the abrupt changes in your government, many startling public broadcasts, and the sudden arrival of the Galactic Federation and the Ascended Masters upon your globe. These dramatic events are designed to resoundingly bring home to you the fact that a new reality is upon you. Taken in their entirety, these changes are to release you from bondage and deliver you into a world of joy and Liberty!

      Liberty is more than a state of mind; it is a physical condition that permits you to achieve your fullest potential. Each of you embodies a unique and divine contribution to your reality. There was no happenstance in this design. The intention was to set in motion a structure that in its highest form is to be your new reality! Look upon yourself as an indispensable component of what is now happening on your world. Do not sell yourself short. You are of much value to both Heaven and to your new world. Each act that you perform puts in motion the conditions for revealing this new realm. In this way, you are a co-creator of what is happening and also a participant in the forging of this new world. We do not tell you this to hear ourselves talk. You need to become aware of the profound impact of your thoughts and deeds in this sacred act of co-creation.

      All that now remains is to precipitate the series of jarring events that are an integral part of the jigsaw so meticulously put together by our Earth allies. Unseating this government requires the commitment and courage of many men and women who, because of their positions of power and authority, can covertly organize the actions and procedures capable of bringing down even the most mighty from their ivy-clad towers of privilege. These mere crumbs of information are all that we can currently divulge to you, but be reassured that these actions are well underway. They are happening at all levels and in all branches of government, and legal documents will sanction every step of what is about to occur. These changes are not taken lightly by those involved; like their cohorts at the birth of this nation, they know that the pursuit of Liberty is not just a word, but a sacred duty!

      Those of us who in past times fathered this nation comprehend the degree to which this land has recently strayed from the grand precepts first proposed in the Declaration of Independence. This unprecedented document set the world on fire and proclaimed Freedom as the natural right and condition of all humanity. This ideal forged a new class of nation that was allegedly deeply dedicated to freedom and the spread of Liberty. In this message, we have taken the time to assure you that Liberty, sovereignty, and the other inherent Rights of Humanity are once again to be proclaimed throughout this realm. With this, Heaven extends to you a great responsibility. Know that you are indeed equal to the task. Heed our words and accept this message as proof of your true worthiness for what lies ahead. Remember, Together, We are indeed Victorious!

      Today, we have discussed the events of the day and what lies ahead. We ask you as always to stay committed and prepared for your final victory. Look upon the dangers in your world and know that many dedicated men and women are diligently doing what is necessary to free you from the dark oppression planned by your last cabal. We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven is indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

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